Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


(continues from the previous issue)

Tirtha Maharaj: You mentioned a very special case of understanding between guru and shishya. Let’s examine this for a while. Who will understand whom?

Somebody: If the disciple is on the same wave like the master, then the energy of the master is going through the disciple, they become one. Maybe.

Tirtha Maharaj: Well, in the ideal case. This is when the stick becomes an extended hand of the master. Otherwise you are only a stick, lying on the street. But as soon as you are connected, somebody catches you, grabs you, then you become an extended hand.

It is very nice that you expressed in this way. Because practically, intellectual understanding from the side of the shishya, so that the disciple can understand the guru – this is just impossible. Don’t waste your time with this research. The guru is enigma. And it is not necessary to investigate the truth, it’s enough to worship the truth. To admire the truth! Because by this admiration more energy will be transferred. Intellectual analysis will kill the cat. We have to pet the cat. So the approach must be different. But that is true: in this very intense spiritual connection there is a chance to understand better and better.

You know, there are different types of gurus and there are different types of disciples. The neophyte disciple receives the instruction and still not doing. The next level – receives the instruction and does it. The next level – no instruction, still he is doing. So, what is the highest level?

Krishna Priya: From these three?

Tirtha Maharaj: Do you have any other options?

Krishna Priya: No. The last one?

Tirtha Maharaj: Yes, in case he understood, in case he can scan the heart of the spiritual master. Because if we are very active without understanding, that is very dangerous. You know the “stupid and lazy”, the “stupid and active”, the “clever and lazy” and the “clever and active” – these are the four types of human beings. So which one is the ideal leader?

Answers: The last one, clever and active.

Tirtha Maharaj: U-hu-hu! When you will be the boss, you will see that this is a very dangerous guy – clever and active, that’s very dangerous. He is like a djinn. You open the bottle, the djinn is out and you cannot put him back. Because he is clever and active. So best medium boss is clever and passive. The dull head and passive – this is the best employee. Does not think twice, little difficult to move, but peaceful, not so much problems with him. The stupid and active – get rid of him! It’s a disaster. Whatever you have built up he will break down. Get him out! The stupid and lazy this is an easy guy. The lazy and clever is good for discussion. But don’t expect that anything he will accomplish. He is very good for discussions, ideas, plans…yet nothing will happen.

So, if you want an elite group, then you might think that clever and active guys are necessary. Ah, take very much care! If you put strong, active and clever guys together, then most probably they will fight. So in order to avoid this fight, we have to tune the group spiritually.


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