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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, May 2013, Sofia)
(continues from the previous Friday)
“Purity depends on love and love means sacrifice – “Die to live.” We have to die wholesale in regard to our interest in life here, and then another sort of interest will awaken within us and we shall live there, in that place. That is our aspiration, and for that we have left all our ‘concrete’ things – our house, our property, our friends, our father, mother, children, and other relatives. So many things we have left, and we have gone out in the quest of other things. We have no more charm for mundane possessions, we are seeking something which is supra-mundane.”[1]
Like it is said in the Bible: “If you are attached to something else than Me, don’t come with Me. If you had put your hand on the plough, don’t turn your face back”. So, once we decided that we want to find a way out from this labyrinth of material existence – go ahead! Don’t be afraid! You might think that you lose something, but I tell you from my personal experience what you will receive, it’s much better. 
May I tell you something personal? Because so far we were discussing theory. Once a very dear brother of mine wrote to our spiritual master, glorifying his spiritual brothers and sisters: “I was searching for friends and I have found relatives.” Do you see the difference? “I was searching for friends and I have found my family”. This is so much deeper connection. I think this is something very beautiful: we give up the insignificant worldly connections and we find something deeper, something essentially spiritual. So, if so to say, you lose something, what you will receive it’s much better. 
Once, there was a very special story. A spiritual master had many devotees and one was on a pilgrimage tour in India. And what happened to this master? Just imagine, his japa-mala was stolen. It’s very unusual that somebody steals your most sacred rosary. Usually we receive our japa-malas from our masters. So, this is a direct connection to your master – he was touching it; if you touch that mala you touch his hand. So, you can imagine the feeling of this master: “My japa is lost!” You have to think ‘What did I do wrong?’ if such thing happens. Of course he was deeply pondering and deeply meditating; meanwhile his devotee returned from his pilgrimage. And he told his master: “Gurudev, I brought you something from my pilgrimage!” Because you know this is according to the tradition – whenever you approach your spiritual master, you bring something. A golden Rolls-Royce, or a little fire wood – something you bring. He doesn’t need your Rolls-Royce and he cannot use so many Rolls-Royces, but we need to educate ourselves that ‘I have to be attentive enough to come with something’. Or ‘If I go to the temple, if I go in front of the deities, I should bring something.’ A golden Ferrari, or something. If you go somewhere as guests, you bring something, right, it’s very easy. And to come in front of God empty-handed? Something we should bring – a little flower, 1 kg rice to the kitchen. 
So, this devotee knew very well the tradition and said: “My dear master, I brought something for you from this pilgrimage.” The master asked: “Oh, what is this, my dear son?” And this boy said: “We visited one very special temple. Krishna was worshipped in this temple. And you know in one corner I have found this” – and then he gave something to the master. What was that? A japa-mala, a very special japa-mala. And then he told the story. “We were visiting this very special temple with a very surcharged atmosphere and all of a sudden I saw in the corner a japa-mala waiting. I know that maybe this is not very nice to take a japa from a temple, but still I felt that I have to bring it to you!” 
So, if you lose something, you will be compensated. Of course it doesn’t mean that you should lose all your japas and everything here and there, waiting for some rasic japa to come – directly dispatched from Radha-Govindaji temple. But we should be sure: whatever we lose, we’ll be compensated unlimitedly by some unknown way. Today you might see only the loss, but tomorrow you will see the fulfillment. So, whatever you lose, you will receive more. For example if you lose your attachments, you will receive your freedom. If you lose your false egotism, you will be able to come to the atman platform, the spiritual platform. So, no risk, no gain.
(to be continued)
1.  The Golden staircase, The Soul Has Its Own Body, by Shridhar Maharaj


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