Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


Question of Kripadham: You said we have to make the transition from material consciousness to spiritual, can we do it alone or do we need some help for this?

Tirtha Maharaj: I think the fact we came together this evening is an obvious answer to this question. If we could achieve perfection by sitting at home, why would we take the trouble to come here? Of course it helps us to associate with good people, especially with saintly people, because they can always remind us of our eternal benefit. Until a certain limit we can reach by ourselves. But there is a limit which we cannot cross by our own force. Therefore I told you that into a science, into a secret and into a mystery we need an initiation, we need an invitation. That means we have to associate with those who know better, who will help us to realize our inner identity and from whom we can learn. Because what is education? Education is not what is provided at the universities generally. But education is a transfer of life from an alive person to an alive person without using external instruments. So this is the real scientific method of association and education. Today we discussed life; shopping, body lotions – very important things of our life. And some little higher ideals also. From discussion some conclusions should come. And ultimately it is said: “In the company of the great saints one moment is enough to achieve enlightenment.”

And yoga means connection. If we are connected to the Supreme, we are also connected to His creation. We cannot approach God without paying attention on the human beings. Why it is like this? For example if you want to please a person who has a dog and you say: “Ah, I love you so much, but this ugly dog here…” what he will say? “Get out of my home! He is my beloved small little pet animal.” So if you want to approach God: “I love You so much, but these creatures here around…” the reaction will be the same: “Get out of here!”

If we want to approach the Supreme, we have to appreciate everything that is around Him. And also as we discussed, in order to achieve something we have to work on ourselves. In yoga this spiritual work is called meditation. Ah, very popular these days! If a young man sees a beautiful young lady, he will “meditate”. But sorry to break some illusions, this is not the real meditation. Real meditation is when your soul is connected to the Supreme Soul. That is meditation. For that we need inner peace, we need silence – in such a loud, noisy world – and we need some practice.

And – as we agreed that sound has a great effect – there are some sound meditations also. Whatever you cannot express by words, whatever you cannot express by silence, you can express that through singing. May I invite you for a singing meditation? Because we have been discussing and talking; let’s have a taste, let’s try to get an experience. Do you agree?

So, what should we sing? Hit parade number one? I don’t know how much spiritual is that. I suggest, let’s sing some traditional divine meditational text. It sounds weird, isn’t it? Ancient meditational text – it must be very complicated. No, this is very simple, it’s only two words. Radhe – Govinda. Radha you know, Radha is the beautiful girl. And Govinda is the cowherd boy. Why should we sing a traditional hit parade: the lover and the beloved? Because They symbolize our soul and God. As They meet, we can also meet. This is the meaning of meditation!

So we invite you to join this singing meditation. And this is not the Opera House, it does not matter whether your voice is nice or not. Just try to create your peace of heart, peace of mind and join in the vibration. The melody is also very simple. First let the melody help you and then you help the melody.

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