Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

Sacrifice may be done by different methods, different instruments. Usually we can sacrifice things outside of us. One very simple thing is money – if you give your money. And I have seen a beautiful example for this in Vienna ashram. There was some Indian family visiting, and there were two small children like this – almost not able to walk. Very small, very cute. And the mother was giving little money to put in the donation box. This is a very nice way to educate the children: “You go and give to Krishna.” Few levas, it’s nothing. But they will understand, they will get accustomed to this practice: I go and give a little.

So first you can offer, you can sacrifice something outside of you – the result of your work. And of course it is not only money; some abilities, some help, some energy – whatever you have. If you come to the temple, bring some flower; or bring one kilo of rice. Something! It is suggested, that we should not come in front of God with empty hands. Then we can feel: this ashram belongs to me also. I also take part in this process. This is my home also. And in my home, I take care of the flowers. I give some sweets to the guests. So very naturally we can feel at home.

The other method to serve God is to use your words – subjectively and objectively.  Subjectively you can use your words for glorifying Him – for your own spiritual benefit: chant your mantras, say your prayers, like this. Or objectively you can use your words in talking to others. To call people to pay more attention to their spirit – preaching.

And then also, you can use your intellect in the service, in the sacrifice. You can devote your thoughts, which is not very difficult. First of all He is attractive, second – He is tricky. So if His attractive power is not working on you and sometimes you forget about Him, then He will use His tricks to make you remember all the time.

And finally, what is the ultimate instrument for service? When you do not have anything, what can you sacrifice? This is prana, this is your life energy – if you give your whole life. If you have given everything, still you have your prana. You can dedicate your life force, you can dedicate yourself. So, there is no end to this sacrifice. But this is a very happy sacrifice, readiness to give.


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