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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha




(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 08.01.2016 morning, Sofia) 

(continues from the previous Monday) 

So, if we associate with mahatmas, we are automatically attracted to their ideals. But at the same time we are still conditioned by our previous lifestyle, habits, shadows, etc. “One may remain very much attached to fruitive activities and material sense enjoyment.”[1] This is the sad condition of the human being on this planet Earth – attachments. Actually nothing else can give you any trouble except your attachments. And there is only one thing that we cannot resist – it’s the temptation, coming in so many different forms.

Then what to do? One way to stop this attachment is to undergo different types of penances. ‘To chase out the devil’ from your system. Or to greet an angel who enters your life. If we are not ready to go through all these different types of renunciations, then the best way is to follow the instructions of these great souls.

If we check this system – that we have the chance to associate with a pure devotee, still we have some attachments and material ambitions and we are not very much ready to undergo different type of penances – “such a person becomes an eligible candidate for discharging devotional service”. That means – it is us, right! We are candidates of this process! This story tells about us, our present condition. We like the idea; we are not too much ready to pay a high price; and we are limited in so many ways. Correct? You can see, our philosophy is very high, very theoretical and very practical at the same time – describes the human situation as it is.

But then what to do? Shall we let our material shadow dominate over us? Shall we get ready for a little renunciation? Yes, the answer is yes! But the best suggestion that I can give to you is to catch the down part of the dhoti of a pure devotee and then go. Because by this contact, the help, the blessings and the powers that are necessary to accomplish this path, come very easy.

“This attraction for Krishna consciousness in association of pure devotees is a sign of a great fortune. It is confirmed by Lord Chaitanya that only the fortunate persons, by the mercy of both a bona fide spiritual master and Krishna, will get the seed of devotional service. Krishna says in the Shrimad Bhagavatam: “My dear Uddhava, only by exceptional fortune does someone become attracted to Me. And even if one is not completely detached from fruitive activities, or is not completely attached to devotional service, nevertheless such service is quickly effective.”

So, we are all fortunate to be invited and I think we are all very good candidates for this process, because we have all the qualities necessary.

(to be continued)

[1] Nectar of Devotion, Chapter 3


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