Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

There are many different definitions about intelligence. One says that “intelligence is to understand the difference between mater and spirit”. Which is a good starting point, it’s not bad. The next opinion is that “knowledge is to understand ‘I am a spirit soul’ and wisdom is to understand that ‘I am a servant of Krishna”. That is also a kind of spiritual intelligence, we can say.


But if you examine from a very practical point of view: first you have to be the best; second: you have to react very quickly to anything new coming to you, you have to be very active in your response; and third: even from a losing position you have to come out as a winner. But this is very materialistic definition!


Then we should add a forth thing – purity of purpose. If this is purely spiritual purpose that you have – then you can be the best, then you can always win, then you can quickly react – because your purpose is very pure. So if you think about this definition, I think you can apply your intelligence to the problems, to the realities of your life. Because sometimes our situations are just like a lost case. But then we should be intelligent enough to turn it to a successful story.


This is a practical application of intelligence. It is also given by Krishna, intelligence is also given by Him. He says: “Use all your intelligence in connection with Me!” He does not say “become stupid mad guy!” No: “Use your intelligence with Me.” It’s very important verse.

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