October 2021
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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


(continues from the previous Monday)

Question of Mahadev: It’s very easy to follow your spiritual master when he is around. And what about the cases when guru is very far away, for example? Or even if he passes away, what should the student do after that?

Swami Tirtha: Usually, especially when the spiritual master ‘dies’, so to say, or leaves this planet, then it’s a real test for the disciple: what you have learned. What you have learned by force? What you have learned by heart? What you have learned which is really part of you? And what was a formality….? Because we shall lose the formality. But the essence should stay with us.

Otherwise this whole question is under a divine protection. And I am fully sure, fully convinced that a real master will never leave a real disciple. Just like a real disciple will never leave a real master. And as we believe in the spiritual connection, in the connection between soul and soul, therefore this physical presence is secondary. Of course it’s very important, very useful, and we should take the opportunity, if we have a chance to associate. But we have to cultivate also the spiritual connection, which is always there. This is a connection to the higher reality. So, a real master will never leave. And especially when we are in difficulty, he will come back. He will help us to recall what we have learned.

Mahadev: In such a difficult situation some people have dreams of their guru, or they imagine that they talk to him. How much should we trust these visions? Are they real? Or we should consider that just mental speculations?

Swami Tirtha: It’s difficult to judge. It depends on the person, on the case. But generally we can say that there is a chance to be connected to a higher authority – through dreams, through meditations, through visions. And you can train yourself also in this matter. If you don’t have a chance of physical association, you can imagine your master – just invite your master like you are standing in front of him and put the question, open up the trouble you have. And then you can perceive what kind of answer you will receive. So we can train ourselves. Of course, especially when he is here, it’s easier to train; therefore we shouldn’t miss the opportunity.

But definitely the higher reality can use any objects, any method of the lower reality to approach us. This is a spiritual fact. The only requirement is that we have to be sincere, pure in intention and open to the invitations. Don’t be like a doll in the hands of your imagination and your fantasies.

Mahadev: Talking about death, does death disrupt the connection between guru and student?

Swami Tirtha: Unfortunately I have the experience of both sides. Our spiritual master, so to say, ‘has died’ and unfortunately I had to face the death of some of my disciples. One feeling is more penetrating and more painful than the other. Because it gives us a real realization of separation.

But I feel the connection and the presence of my master. I have my disciples in my prayers. And I believe in the spiritual reality, irrespective of material or bodily death or separation.


(to be continued)




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