Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, October 2013, Ludashto, Vyasapuja)

(continues from Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakur’s Vyasapuja lecture, 6th of February 1936) 

“So it happened that I am the greatest fool of the world. Due to my arrogance nobody came to help me with good advice. And as nobody came to me to help me, therefore I shared my trouble with Mahaprabhu. I remembered if I open up my problems to Him and listen to His advice, it could be better. So He said: “Whomever you meet, talk to him about Krishna. My given order is this: become a guru and liberate this whole world! No material obstacle will stop you in this service. Here we shall meet and be together again.”

In these verses we can clearly and obviously get the explanation for this contradiction. Mahaprabhu’s main teaching is that we should become more humble than a blade of grass; yet He says: “I want you to become a guru and liberate this world.” In this case Mahaprabhu gives an order: ‘Fulfill the role of a spiritual master as I am doing also, and share this instruction with everyone whom you meet. Tell them word-by-word: My desire is that you become gurus to liberate this world, help people to get rid of their misunderstanding”. Of course if you hear these words, very humbly you will say: “But I’m a simple human being. How can I become a guru? You are God Himself, the teacher of the whole universe! Only You can become a guru.” But the answer of Mahaprabhu for this is the following: “Nothing material can stop you in this service! Here we shall meet and be together again.” So, if you speak to others about Krishna, you don’t have to be afraid of forgetting Him.

Avoid worldly contacts. What we call ‘the material world’ annoys us. The colors, the tastes, the smells, the touches and the sounds attack us fiercely. Therefore it is not very beneficial to be worldly-minded. Chaitanya Mahaprabhu says: “Who wants to cross the ocean of material existence and wants to serve the Supreme Lord, for such a person the company of the worldly-minded people and the lustful glance upon the other gender is like a full cup of poison.

Therefore if someone wants to be engaged in the service of God, he should never endeavor too much after worldly objects. The external physical world will cover up God, will block up the vision of God. As soon as we focus on the material objects, immediately we forget about God Supreme. Therefore those, who are not in contact with the Supreme Lord become more and more insignificant in our calculation. Those who want to follow Krishna’s service and to progress on the path of devotion should avoid this worldly-minded company.

My humble request is: please, try to avoid imitation. It is very important to analyze ourselves; we have to understand our shortcomings and inabilities. Why should we search after the mistakes of others if we are not ready to examine ourselves? And don’t forget – those who give very little service today, who are not so much committed today, they may come to an elevated platform tomorrow. We should always remember: don’t tell anything wrong about those who pay attention and remember the instructions of the holy scriptures and the saintly personalities. Even the sinful people can understand Krishna and they can overcome illusion if they follow the servants of the Supreme Lord who is crossing the universes.

Those are really powerful who possess the power of devotion. I don’t want to look for the possible shortcomings of the devotees or to compromise Krishna’s service and push my opinion by neglecting the process, although this process might empower me to serve God and His servants. It’s impossible to describe how much trouble such an arrogant mood may create in human existence. Therefore humbly I ask all of you, please avoid the imitation of the vaishnavas; rather try to understand and follow their mentality, their prowess, their ideals. For us the only real connection is the connection with the devotees of Krishna. All other engagements are only oil on the fire of material existence.”


(to be continued)



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