Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

There is a tendency that over-complicates even Bhakti. When you think that it depends on this, or it needs some that qualification, or like this or like that… No. Shrila Prabhupad says: “Simply try to love Krishna!” But of course if we want to do that, we should follow the good example, the instruction – guru, shastra, sadhu and so many others…

We should have the VISION to identify and to recognize Krishna’s footprints. Reality is second – what kind of footprint is that. But idea is first! The spiritual message is first! That is most important. The manifestation or the realization – that is secondary.

For example many people question whether Jesus lived or not. They say that only 6 or 7% of the New Testament is coming directly from his mouth. But does it change the message? I think it does NOT change the message that if you follow you will achieve. In the same way if we have the appropriate vision about the truths of spiritual life, we can achieve some good results. Vision is first. So called “reality” is second. We should understand “reality” in the material sense, on the manifestation platform. Because what is reality? Reality is over there! This is illusion over here!

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