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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha




(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, May 2013, Sofia)

(continues from the previous Friday) 

Consciousness is the background. This is the basis here. Everything comes from there and all these different conceptions, and -isms, and philosophies and this and that, all comes from that source. Ishvarah paramah kriṣhnnah sac-cid-ananda-vigrahah anadir adir govindah sarva-karanna-karanam.[1] He is the ultimate cause of all causes! Vasudeva Krishna is the supreme consciousness and everything is born from His mind, so to say. So, I wish you could become a very nice thought of God.

Question: In relation with what you said that Krishna is the ultimate cause of all causes – last time when you were here we read from Bhagavad Gita that Krishna is not responsible either for the good or for the bad actions of humans.

Swami Tirtha: Yet, He is the source, He is the ultimate cause. But He is not responsible.

Comment: How to harmonize both statements?

Swami Tirtha: Because He is free. You are not free from the consequences of your actions, but He is. You are also a cause of so many consequences. And you are not free from them. Because action brings reaction – it’s very logical. So, actually we are just like the caterpillar. He is very busy. He is eating the leaves of the tree, eating, eating, eating and on the other side something comes out. So much that he cannot put it anywhere and therefore he starts to put it in a spiral. But it comes so much, that he puts all around, all around and finally he is inside the cocoon. Action brings reaction. We are all very busy, with our actions we create so much reaction. And then you end up in your own private cocoon. You think that you are free because you enjoy, you are active and you want to see the results. But finally you are inside the trap. Do you know how long is the thread around this caterpillar? It’s almost 1.5 kilometers. This little cocoon is big like this, yet the thread is 1.5 kilometers long. So, we are also very busy creating our action-reaction game, but we are inside this trap, inside this cocoon – we are not free from the reactions.

One of the divine qualities of Krishna is that He is autonomous, sovereign. He is independent. Sometimes devotees don’t really understand this – it’s called ‘renounced’. You cannot really understand how God is renounced, but it means this – He is sovereign, independent. Sometimes Krishna is active, other time He is passive. Because actually He doesn’t need to act. He is not forced to act. We are forced by the different impulses to act. What is the main impulse for humans? It’s passion. Other major influence over humans is tamas. But it doesn’t really make you active. It just blocks you and you are not so active. But the active principle is rajas, passion. Very few are activated by sattva. So, action-reaction is on the human platform. On the divine platform Krishna is not forced to act. Because things happen even without acting – enough to think of it and it happens. How is it called? It’s called satya-sankalpa. Sankalpa is decision, satya-sankalpa means His decision comes true. He doesn’t need to fulfill it or to act upon it – no. It’s enough to think of it, enough to desire it and it will come.

But just think, we all have this divine capacity. You all have satya-sankalpa. How – you think of the Universe and it is created? Then you are really powerful. Usually not yet. But in one respect you have this satya-sankalpa. If you think of your fears, if you think of your private demons – immediately you can create them. So, it’s a very powerful quality. We can create our mistakes. Enough to think of illusion and it will happen. To think of something divine you have to work so hard – blood, sweat and tears. But to think of illusion it’s so easy.

So some power is delegated to humans – therefore we have to be careful about it. Because we can use our intellect, we can use our capacities, we can use our talents in a proper and in an improper way. Life as I said is energy. You can use the energy for a proper purpose and you can misuse it. You as a spirit soul have a certain power. It is manifested in the temperature of your body. Until the soul is there it’s got this certain temperature. When the soul escapes from the body, it will cool down – the energy is gone. Therefore we should be careful about using our energy. Krishna is not responsible. He is free.


(to be continued)

[1] Brahma Samhita, Chapter 5.1


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