Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

(continues form the previous Monday issue)

Now we shall see the original world. Before we saw the reflection, now we shall see the original world. The original world, the spiritual sky, is the world of divine pastimes. Before we started on the top, neutrality, nirvana, and step by step we were going down, down, down. Now this neutrality is at the bottom. Eternity is the first word in perfection, it is not the last achievement. Through the path of dedication we can come to that platform, we can cross that platform actually, and then you enter this positive conch shell. In this way this is not a symbol of a maze, labyrinth, but this is a symbol of the victory of the spirit over the matter.

So what happens if we enter there? The first level, the first positive platform is neutral connection to divinity, based on faith, based on consciousness – when you know that God exists. But nothing more. Should I do something about it? No, I am satisfied with this understanding.

Let’s make some other steps. The second platform is serving mood. When I understand that there is God, I have to give something to Him. It is not only that He has to give me so many things. “Give me my daily bread, give me the air, give me the life, give me intelligence, give me health…” No, we should also give. Therefore this next level is readiness – when we are ready to do something for Him. By service you can come closer to a person. You can also become his friend. This is the friendly mood with God – I think it is quite good to be friends with God. We depend on our friends; so if He is the Supreme, then you have a very powerful friend. On the platform of friendship we feel equal. This is friendship – we are equal. Friend is your second self. He is very close to you. Before we had the conception about God that He is zero level of eternity. Very weak, vain conception. Then we understood that He exists – all right, it is better, but still the picture is not very clear. Later on we understand that we have to be ready for doing something about His existence. If I am here and He is there, let’s come closer. Then you can reach this friendly mood, equality. But if you want to go further, then like in human connections we have these parental, paternal feelings, when the parents take care of their children, then the meaning of this connection is caring, you want to care for the others. We can have that attitude, that approach to the Supreme also – when we want to take care of Him. And the ultimate supreme platform of consciousness is the loving mood, affectionate mood – when you are enchanted by Him. So from neutrality you can come to ecstasy in this way.

This world is for the divine pastimes. That plane will also bring some effect. The reflection brought some illusion, when humans started to feel like gods. This was the greatest mistake, this was the deepest bottom. But what is happening there, in the divine realm? There divine forgetfulness will come, when God is ready to forget about His position as Supreme, when He is ready to come so close to His creatures, that He feels one of them. So, this is the world of divine pastimes.

At the end of this trip of elevation of consciousness do not forget these three messages: Asato ma sat gamaya – from unreal lead me to real; tamaso ma jyotir gamaya – from darkness lead me to light; mrityor ma amritam gamaya – from death lead me to eternity.

It is up to you which level of this universal mall you enter, you visit. But you know, the best places are reserved on the top. So we invite everybody to join the elevator.

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