Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

“I am the life of all that lives.”[1] Everything is dressed in the robes of God. “I am the life of all that exists.” This is the great unity behind existence – that everything is based on sat, existence, and not on asat. So the basic principle of the whole existence that we can imagine is sat. Before the manifest creation there was only sat, existence. The world did not originate from nothing. It is coming from something. And something means existence, so it is positive. “Gita”, Upanishads they say: be logical! The wise have examined: from something cannot become nothing and from nothing cannot become something. So, if now we exist, we have existed before and we shall exist forever. There is only one thing that does not exist – the nonexistence. Nonexistence does not exist.

Of course, it is a logical paradox, a game, so to say. But from this we can understand the essence: we are based on existence, we are based on positive. Krishna is the basic, ultimate principle of life. And this is the great unity behind the diverse appearance. But this unity is beautified by the plurality. If everything would be only one – that is nice, that is powerful. For example when you see a big field of corn, of grains – it is beautiful, one, everything is one. But if you go closer you see the separate little ears – and it is more beautiful! Or if you observe the meadows; from a distance it is all green – beautiful! When you come closer you see the different little flowers – yellow and blue and like this and like that… It is more beautiful. So this unity and diversity together – this is the complete whole. Because “I am the life of everything that exists”- this is the unifying principle. Sorry, better we put it like this: “I am the life of all”- this is the unifying principle; “that exists”- and this is the diversity principle. And if we examine both, then this is the global, the full picture.


[1] “Bhagavad-gita” 7.9

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