Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

“Others will not understand it even by hearing about the soul.”[1] Shrila Prabhupada many times describes the monistic conception that everything is one. And sometimes you do not understand: why is he talking so much about it?! But actually this is very widespread – in India on a philosophical basis and in the West on some other basis that “me and God are the same”. Ultimately “I am God”. Therefore Shrila Prabhupada says that this “only one” principle in philosophy is not good, not perfect, we can say. So by describing the secrets and beauties of the soul, we have to understand the unity and the difference also – both. Because somehow all the living entities are originating from Krishna, so in that sense we are one. All the creatures, all living entities are one, and one with the Father also. All His qualities are reflected in the small particles; He has an identity, therefore everybody else has an identity. In the same way – „like father, like son”, or sons, we can say – they are one, their genetic structure is very similar. Even the face is very similar – in the fortunate case. But still there is difference, different identity is there. In the same way, we belong to one family, we are the same; and at the same time we are different. In the spirit sense, on the spiritual platform, it is also true – we come from the same spiritual source, so in this way we belong to one family. At the same time everybody is individual personality. Sometimes this personality is distorted – then we talk about the false egotism – but by purification we can come to our original identity. And in “Shrimad-bhagavatam” it is said that we have to go on with this search for ourselves, search for the spiritual identity – until you find it! We have to go until we find ourselves.

This search for ourselves should go on. We should find ourselves. And if you have found something, then you can describe it. And when you have observed something, then you can listen to this also. Because the beauty of Krishna is unlimited. There is no end to penetrate the loving contact between the soul and Krishna.

[1] from „Bhagavad-gita” 2.29

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