Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha



We should never make a show of our dedication. Of course, we worship sadhu-sanga, because this is a field, this is a platform, provided by Krishna – to serve together, to live together, to do something nice together as an offering – but inner, private dedication, I think this is very important. And if we have the same mood, like everybody is tuned in the same way, then sadhu-sanga will be very harmonious.

Of course, that is also true that we come with different conceptions. We are different unique personalities, everybody is unique, you cannot find two finger-prints the same. So it is also personalized, unique. In the same way you cannot find two same meanings, I mean two same feelings towards Krishna. Because you are unique, you have a certain special specific collection of expression of your feelings. Still, we have to ride the same boat in one sense. So there is the tuning, there is the sadhu-sanga, there is the mission, so to say. Although we are different personalities, we ride the same boat. Or the same cart, drawn by horses.

So I think this is the personalized service. When we go on with our meditation, but we give something extra, we put a personal touch on our spiritual practices. And observing you I think you have a good chance to do that. Maybe – you as a nation or the Sofia mission – a little more control and a little sadhana you should have, but nevertheless dedication is more important. But combine the pros of both – then it will be very effective.

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