Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 11.05.2017 am, Sofia)

(continues from the previous Friday)

“It is a fact, however, that these innocent people carrying your palanquin without payment are certainly suffering due to this injustice. Their condition is very lamentable because you have forcibly engaged them in carrying your palanquin. This proves that you are cruel and unkind, yet due to false prestige you were thinking that you were protecting the citizens. This is ludicrous. You were such a fool that you could not have been adored as a great man in an assembly of saintly persons advanced in knowledge.”[1]

Sounds like a revolution. ‘Kill the kings! And establish democracy where nobody is exploited!’ But sorry, my dear ones, this is not the 20th century, because the story is not finished by these ‘equal rights to everybody’ – no! This verse is finished with the company of the saints and the wise. So, any kind of opposition or a misunderstanding on a material plane – it’s been going on for kalpas. It’s not the actual daily political situation; these oppositions have been going on for kalpas. But truth is not a question of voting. It exists irrespective of your opinion. Therefore to find the harmony – this is not taking one side or the other side. To find the harmony is to come to the higher synthesis. If you are wiser, if you have a more elevated consciousness, very easily you will find the way to the truth. And the path of truth needs persons who will traverse that path. Sometimes you might think that we choose a path, but it’s better to say that the path invites us.

But do you know that feeling – when you carry the palanquin without payment? You know that feeling? You do your job and no remuneration comes to you. It happens and it causes suffering due to this injustice. But my dear brothers and sisters, is there any injustice in a just karmic situation? Most probably not. Everything’s got a reason. A cause and a reason; why does it happen to us and what is the purpose? Maybe today I have to carry the palanquin without any payment, but who knows, maybe I had been a king before, enjoying being carried on a palanquin. So, we never know how it happened before. And I definitely don’t want to be like a preacher of revolutionary ideas like: ‘You can also become a king!’, because it doesn’t help the situation. Today we suffer, but if we change the system, then we’ll enjoy – come on, it’s useless. It’s just another bite of the material illusion – that you can cure the material disease by some other material means; it’s useless.

So, nothing is unjust, yet the salvation depends on good luck. Good luck in other words is divine mercy, right. I think now you are more ready to accept it.

(to be continued)

[1] Shrimad Bhagavatam 5.12.7

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