Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


Question of Yadunath: Gurudev, can you please tell us some more about truth in this age and with your help and support how could we know truth, how can we serve and be lovingly dedicated without missing the truth.

Tirtha Maharaj: First of all we should distinguish between truth and Truth with capital letter. Because the first one is in plural. On the relative platform we will find many, many different small truths, which most of the time contradict each other. From this you can understand that this is relative truth. This is the way to identify. But the Truth always wins. The Truth always wins. So if you see something winning, that is the Truth. If you see something contradicting others’ relative truths, that is relative.

And we should also distinguish between the level of material truthfulness and the Divine Truth, Absolute Truth. Because the truth on the material platform is killing. That truth is arrangement of justice. Tooth for a tooth, eye for an eye. It will lead to humanity without eyes and without teeth. So that truth does not really help us. We should go beyond this adjustment of justice. But I have learned that here in Bulgaria you have a proverb: “Law is a gate to an open field.” So material, relative truth leads nowhere. There is no comfort in the truth. Pain is what you will find by this. So don’t be satisfied with the material truth!

We should go for the Divine Truth. And that is first the existential power. Life comes from life. Life is the basic principle of existence. That life must be an intelligent life, conscious life. And finally it must be a loving life. This is the basic, divine hierarchy: existence, consciousness and bliss. This is the real Truth. And that Divine Truth makes us happy. It makes us forget about the tooth and the eye, about the laws and the doors to nowhere, about all the suffering that we have perceived during this lifetime, and makes us sing and dance in ecstasy.

Truth must have an effect on you. Such truth that does not touch you is – a dead thing. Divine Truth must be so attractive, that you are ready to join it! We are limited, we are not ready to understand Divine Truth, still it is so beautiful and so charming, that you are ready to join it. And if this Absolute Truth has touched our heart and soul, we cannot do anything else but serve that higher truth. And by this service you will get the nectar. So, anybody who wants to have the nectar, don’t waste the time! Start serving the higher, superior Divine Truth! And don’t forget, stupid people believe in chance, the intelligent ones believe in karma, truthful arrangement; but the wise men believe in Divine Mercy. So we can say that Divine Mercy overrules truth. Therefore this is the final and ultimate element in our process – unconditional Divine Mercy. This is our Truth.

Somebody: But we create it, no?

Tirtha Maharaj: If we would create, this would be relative. It is coming from above. We cannot exercise Divine Mercy. We are of different category. God can exercise His unlimited mercy in unlimited ways to His devotees. But just imagine all of a sudden an ocean of mercy is coming to you, just wiping you away like anything! Therefore Krishna gives it proportionately, do not overdose mercy. Few drops, like medicine. Few drops, but every day. Every day you have to take to come to your healthy condition.

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