Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

Question: In human relationships, for example, two friends, devotees want very much to do something for Krishna. The first one thinks that his friend has a special capacity to do something and asks his friend to do something together, so that they can work harder and more successful together for God. Is it possible that Krishna can give internal vision, internal eyes to this friend to encourage the other, who seem that is not self-confident, he does not feel that he is good enough, he says: “Ah, maybe I cannot do it, who am I.” But the other one wants very much to be together, to give more power to their devotion. Can Krishna work like this?

Tirtha Maharaj: Yes. Yes. It depends on the difference of power, spiritual power. If the difference of power is big enough, then you can transmit. But if you are on the lower level, you must invite that spiritual power first. Therefore first we should associate with somebody very powerful in spiritual life. Because he will give the strength, he will give the self-confidence: “Yes! I am a devotee of Krishna, I can do it!” In the beginning this is more or less an illusion, because at that time we are thinking that “I am doing.” You can do, meditation is there, but motivation? Later on you should improve the motivation also.

This is very much possible. Even once a disciple mentioned to the guru: “I am very weak, I am very unqualified, but by your vision, what you see in me, I can do! I can reach that level what you see in me!” Is not that beautiful?! That means the guru gives so much trust to the disciple: “Yes, you can grow! Yes, you are the one from the thousands, that can achieve perfection.” Is this true? Maybe not, not always. But if guru always tells the truth to the disciple, this is very destructive. If he gives always his real opinion… But he is generous and patient and he says: “This is the direction, my son, you go!” He does not say: “You are back there!” he says: “This is the goal!” In this way we get some inspiration. The real guru is not talking about your mistakes, your faults and shortcomings, but he is always giving: “That is the goal, my son!” Do you see the difference? One is giving you a very bad impression: “Ah, I am so wrong, I am so bad, I am so zero.” The other says: “Wow, such an ideal we have! It’s worth to go, it is my turn, I will try!”

Trust is very important. And if you are strong enough, you can impress people: “Yes! This is my religion! This is my path!” But when you are unsure of yourself, you say: “Well, I do not really know, maybe right, maybe not… Well, find it for yourself, “ would you join to such a concept? No, you will say: “Hey, this guy does not know what he is talking about.” You must know what you are talking about. It is not only empty words. There must be realization beneath. Without that your words will have no effect. Because this is Kali-yuga feature, that people will be successful who can speak, and speak, and speak… This is not only the words.

I think, we finish now with the words. We can sing a little bit.

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