Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


Love is such a special potency that cannot be manufactured artificially. You cannot artificially love somebody. This is a natural tendency. And it is very powerful. When it is coming, it just knocks you off your feet. Even if kama comes, it is very strong. What to speak of prema?! Prema is the original love, kama is only a fake, second-hand love. And still kama is so strong, when it comes to you, it just finishes you – no brain. Sometimes it is nice to have that experience – that you cannot fight with kama. Because from this you can understand: if the reflection is so strong, ah, what is the power of the original! If prema would come to you in the same way as kama comes, you would die on the spot.

So our loving capacity is a natural tendency, but we should not waste our loving capacity on the kama platform, we should preserve it to be used on prema platform.

And now it is almost May, this is the time for kama. All the trees are blossoming, all the bees start to hum, birds are chirping, everybody is searching for his or her partner. You can see the blackbirds; they are so much under the impression of kama, that they are ready to jump under the cars. Haven’t you seen? Sometimes they are so much in love, that they fight with each other and then they are smashed under the cars. It’s a very good lesson to observe: how this energy is working in the material world; how the living entities are under the control of Kamadeva. You could say: “Ah, but this is the beauty of life!” No, this is a fake reflection of the original. And still it is so charming.

But if you want to become a yogi then springtime is not your season. Because yogi means control and springtime is not talking about controlling, but about unlimited waves of emotions. And what is the colour of this (sannyas) cloth? This is not the colour of spring, this is the colour of autumn. When everything turns away from the hustle of life in order to achieve a higher level of existence. From life to existence; from knowledge to wisdom, from happiness to bliss.

And how can you fight or relieve yourself from the control of kama? Can you fight? Yes? No, not really. Kama is much stronger than you. Krishna is the original Kamadeva. Material Kamadeva gives only kama, material pleasure. And he comes very close, when you want, naturally you want to enjoy some happiness. So he is coming, trying to satisfy: “Ah, I am here! What do you need? I give everything.” You can get rid of the influence of Kamadeva only when you come closer to Krishna.  Somehow they cannot tolerate each other. Because both want your emotions. So if you sell your soul to Kamadeva, he will take possession: “From now on you are my servant, you do what I tell you.” Then your life starts. And then you go in one direction and you will have complete lifestyle and finally you will realize: “Ah, I made a mistake.” If you consider the transcendental Kamadeva, Krishna, He is the emblematic figure of divine love. He also says: “From today you are My servant. And I will give you everything that you need.” He is also doing a good propaganda for His case. But at the end you will not be frustrated, that is the difference.

Because whatever rasa we achieve on the material platform, it will be lost. And please, excuse me, I don’t want to be negative, it is realistic. I am not pessimistic, I am realistic. Whatever you possess materially, you will lose it. On the coffin there is no pocket. You cannot take anything with you. Everything that you gather, collect, achieve, materially, physically, mentally you will just have to leave. Even material emotions you shall lose. But the divine connection will remain. Soul to soul connection will remain, will stay. This is real rasa. This is one little hidden pocket in the coffin, where you can collect your spiritual treasures.

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