Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 03.01.2018 morning, Sofia)

(continues from the previous Friday)

Question of Pavitra: It was mentioned in the book of Shrila Rupa Goswami Nectar of devotion that Lord Vishnu liberates even the demons. So, there is a chance.

Swami Tirtha: Yes! Bkaktivinod Thakur also says: “Oh, my Lord! I am sitting here and in Your temple. You had liberated so many demons before. I wait for my turn.”

But you mentioned something very important. Because if Krishna is sarva karna karanam, then this feature of killing the demons is also coming from Him, right? Or the Creator of the world – this feature also comes from Him. And all the other possible concepts about the Supreme, or the functions of God, or whatever – comes from Him. These are just like different vibrations emanating from that same source. One aspect is like that, the other feature is like that, the third emanation is like a wave – so many varieties are there.

But what kind of wavelength do we receive, are connected to? This is the question. Whether we are connected to one very elementary wave, like Creator. It’s very external, because this function is connected to the material world. Or killing the demons – sounds a little weird, but to eliminate the demoniac mentality sounds a little better. Or to create, or recreate the balance – it’s another feature, but again external. So, what is the essential feature, what is an essential connection to this ultimate cause? This is when we can touch the nature of that cause. And that nature is sach-chid-ananda, therefore we can connect to that original nature by the same principles, by the same instruments.

Krishna exists eternally, right? With which instrument can we connect to His eternal existence? With your prana, with your life, if you give the same principle connected to Him. And then how can we approach this chid aspect? By dedicating the thoughts and wishes and the emotions to Him. This is the connection with that feature. And ultimately how can we understand His blissful aspect? With connecting our bliss to His bliss. The joy of self is there. We all have a certain amount of joy of self. So, connect this, give your prema to Him. Prana and prema.

This is the way to be connected to the ultimate feature of the ultimate source. Don’t be satisfied with some theoretical rules of existence. Live as a devotee. Don’t be satisfied with some theoretical concepts of consciousness. Think of Him. And don’t be satisfied with some bitter morsels of material satisfaction. But dance in ecstasy! What an invitation, my dear ones! This is the way to be connected with the ultimate feature of the ultimate source.


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