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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

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(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 03.01.2017, evening, Sofia)

(continues from the previous Monday)

Question of Manjari: Master Dunov says we need to be like the Sun, always give without expecting anything in return. But as I don’t feel I am like the Sun, when I give, I start feeling exhausted. So what can I do in order to be like the Sun?

Swami Tirtha: Be always connected. Until we work from our own resources, it will diminish. Because however great we are, we have limited resources. Therefore from time to time we have to connect to the unlimited source. And the best way is to be always connected. Therefore our practice in this devotional method sometimes looks like only a kind of very polite behavior. But it’s not only that! Because if we practice real humility or real surrender, that means we connect ourselves, we remove the blockages of the separate interest and we connect directly to the divine source. Then that will supply all the necessary energy.

Therefore if we have to give a class, what is the proper way? The proper way is first to offer your respects to your spiritual ancestors. And then it’s not you who give the lecture, but they will speak through you. We can find many other examples for that. So if we really practice with a deeper understanding the formalities that are given to us, then we shall have some mystic achievements. Usually in other yoga schools they aim directly for such powers or achievements, but our mystic siddhis come from devotional practices. In a good bhajan you can experience the siddhis. Or if this surrender really happens, then while you speak, you will listen also. Because you don’t know! It’s not your intellect that is telling.

This is what happened in Bhaktisiddhanta Prabhupad’s time. Once a disciple – who was abroad – wrote a letter to him. I think Puri Maharaj was reading the letter to Bhaktisiddhanta. Bhaktisiddhanta was listening and said: “Where did he learn such high truths?” Then Puri Maharaj said: “But Gurumaharaj, you were telling this last time, so he was listening to your words.” Bhaktisiddhanta answered: “Never! I don’t know this! It’s impossible! First time I hear!” Then Shridara Maharaj added something: aham vedmi shuko vetti vyaso vetti na vetti va[1] – “Shiva says: “I know, Shukadev knows, Vyasadev – maybe he knows, maybe he doesn’t know.”

So if the divine truth wants to appear, it will appear. And this is the mystic experience. Therefore try it! And if you feel exhausted, you will understand: ‘This was still my resources. I could not touch the divine spring water. I was serving what I have collected so far.’ But if the current is coming through you, it will quench the thirst of many. Thirst – this is what we need.

I agree, many times we are exhausted. Then we need a change of atmosphere. Just like Krishna. You know, the gopis are a very strong group in Vrindavan. Challenging sometimes. And they give a little headache to Krishna from time to time. Sometimes so much so, that He has enough. Then He says: ‘Wait a minute, give Me a break! I need a little change.’ Fortunately our Lord has many different groups. He can go and hide among the gopas. So if sometimes even He needs a break, we also need a break. And then we can go back.

But how it happens that we can connect to the divine source, how it happens that we don’t run out of the resources – I don’t know that, it’s a mystery. I know only some little details – that a really surrendered devotee or disciple better dies than leaves the service. And the power for such an approach is supplied by God. Anyway the majority of our experience is illusion on this planet Earth, in this life. At least a few flashes we need, when we are introduced into divine reality. Then we shall know it exists. Maybe we cannot maintain that state of consciousness permanently, but at least we know, we are convinced it exists.

(to be continued)

[1] Chaitanya Charitamrita, Madhya.24.313

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