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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

drop into ocean

(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 04.09.2015, evening, Sofia)

Spiritual brotherhood is never enough. If you have one drop, you need one cup. If you have one cup, you need a lake. If you have a lake, you need an ocean. Fortunately our original source is unfathomable. So, whenever we are in need, we know where to find. Many people say: ‘I’m a searcher. I ‘m an open person.’ But it means they didn’t find yet. Usually if people say that they are open, that means they haven’t decided yet – whether to stay here, in this relative platform, with all the ups and downs; or to commit themselves to find their way back home, back to Godhead. Have you made your decision?

Answer: Yes!

Swami Tirtha: Therefore I came to you! To learn from you. How to find this commitment and this determination to reach our spiritual goals? In the beginning we think it’s very short and easy. Or, as it is said in Loi Bazar: ”Cheap and best”. Then few months, few years, few lifetimes later you realize it’s not so easy and not so fast. But when you reach and you turn back, you see: ‘It was less than a moment – this whole path.’ Why? Because it is said that since we had departed from our spiritual home, only two muhurtas have passed – just one and a half hours. And when you feel, you think that you are so far from our beloved Divine Couple, actually They are closer to you than your skin. Nevertheless we need a little determination, we need a little commitment in our spiritual practices. And I am very happy that you had made your choice. That you had decided where to go, where to dedicate your energies and attention.

Because I have to confess: Krishna is nice. In so many ways we can perceive His care and attention all over us. And actually He follows the principles of philosophy. Because it is said: God provides easyly what is cheap and gives very difficultly what is precious. So if you are still satisfied with pieces of glass, you will get it. But if you want to find the real treasure, you have to wait a little time. Nevertheless this waiting period is also sweet. Why? Because the Supreme Lord has provided some helpers in this process. For example we can associate with Him through the holy names, we can meet His company, we can meet His family. We can practice what we want to do in the spiritual sky. Therefore you have to be careful, because according to your practice here, you will get your practice there. So, if in your spiritual endeavors you only complain all the time, then you can substantiate this practice. But if you learn how to do your spiritual practice properly, then you can easily cross the ocean of the material existence.

But, please don’t believe me. Don’t believe me blindly. Check out these words for yourself – whether it works for you, or not. It always works. In case it doesn’t work, it’s not the mistake of the process.

But what is the ultimate happiness of a devotee? This is the holy name. Let’s glorify our masters, because they bring us the light. If you receive only one drop, this is great like an ocean. Divine mercy is unlimited. Please, keep this in mind always – that our goal is to go beyond our limitations, to change something in our life, to catch some essential points. If we can somehow turn the moment into eternity – that’s quite an achievement. If you can turn the drop into an ocean, that’s another achievement.

Maybe we are not great wonder-workers. Maybe we are not maharajas, great kings. Maybe we are very small, very insignificant. But hopefully our Lord also likes this transformation – a drop into an ocean or a moment into eternity. Maybe He expects an ocean of the holy names from us. Yet what can we offer? This is one drop. Still I am sure that if these little drops of service are offered with a pure heart, then He is satisfied. It’s the very fine quality that we can add to these little drops of offerings that we have. And then He can make the miracles. So, let Him also do something. If we accomplish everything, if we are the great miracle makers, then there is nothing left for Him to do. But I think they are happy if they can – our Krishna, our beloved Couple, our spiritual masters – if they can turn these small offerings into a beautiful, happy sacrifice. So that we can turn tomorrow into an eternity. With Their help it will happen. So, what is our business here? To bring these small little drops of service; and They will make the divine alchemy.



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