Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

Gurudev: Quality of guru is to be merciful; quality of the disciple is to be obedient, ready to follow. When guru says: “This is white” he says: “Yes, this is white.” Guru says “This is black” – “Yes, this is black!” That is obedience.


Sometimes devotees were very obedient with Shrila Prabhupad, for example. He was having his morning walks and the full moon was on the sky. And he said: “This moon is so cold, just like ice!” Then immediately a letter was going around – JBC resolution: “Prabhupad said that the moon is from ice.” Prabhupad was going on and then the moon was yellowish. And he said: “This moon is just like a piece of cheese.” Next resolution: “Prabhupad said that the moon is like cheese.” So this is formal following. Not only to say that “this is ice” – but the real meaning is to get the feeling also, to understand.


But definitely we have to be obedient. And sometimes our obedience is tested – how much we are ready to follow instructions…. Do you say “no” to Krishna sometimes? First you are an obedient servant. We learn how to be obedient servants. Then you can also come with your expectations: “You can do whatever You like but You are mine!”


This is what I mean: that sometimes we say “no” to Krishna. In many cases in Mahaprabhu’s life we see: “You just tell me what to do, I will do. I’m not independent, I’m your servant.” He didn’t tell that “Please, I want to go. Give me the blessings that I can go!” He is taking the part of a subject. On that level if you say “no” to Krishna, I think He is more satisfied – it is said, at least.


Devotee: Radharani is saying sometimes “no” to Him.


Gurudev: Radharani…is not. But Vishakha is saying. Vishakha is. Because Radharani is painful sometimes and when you are painful, you cannot protest. But then comes Vishakha to defend Radharani’s position. She is a heavy girl, they say. From the outside, you see, you can see more, you can protect more. From the inside you cannot protect that much, because you are too much effected, isn’t it? When you are in love with somebody, you are hurt and you are painful, you are not able to move sometimes, right? But then comes your friend and says: “Hey, I’ll kick you out if you behave like this with my friend!” From the outside it’s easier to control the situation than from the inside. Therefore Radha and Krishna are running after each-other. They cannot get rid of each-other. One is giving more trouble, more pain and more happiness to the other. Always they are running, chasing after each-other. They cannot live without each-other.


So to say “no”… Krishna likes the obedient servants. But sometimes opposition gives more taste. But I agree, first we have to become obedient servants. To say “yes” to Krishna.

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