Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

SM giving prem prasad


Abandon all varieties of religion and just surrender unto Me. I shall deliver you from all sinful reactions. Do not fear.”[1]

Here Krishna says: “Just surrender unto Me, one-pointedly.” This is one reading of this line. And the other meaning is the deeper and the mystic understanding of the same words. Mam ekam sharanam vraja – how can you perform your supreme dharma? If you follow the example of those, who have surrendered to Me in a one-pointed way. And where we can learn this one-pointed attention and dedication? This happens in Vraja, Vrindavana. Sharanam vraja – take shelter of Vraja, Vraja-mood, because there are My dear ones, who have surrendered to Me in a one-pointed way. Mam ekam – they love only Me. So this is an exclusive devotion. This is the way to perform the supreme dharma of humanity – to invite the Vraja mood into our heart and into our practice.

Aham tvam sarva-papebhyo mokshayshyami – I will deliver you from all reactions. Krishna is very personal. He comes like a personal savior here. Because to give up dharma – it creates some reactions. But “Don’t worry, I will protect you from the possible reactions. Sarva-papebhyo – I will deliver you from all sin, sinful reactions.”

So, with a dedicated mind and surrendered body, words and thoughts we should try to act according to the desire of the supreme Lord. And our personal duty is to find how we can harmonize our life with the divine expectations. And then the result will be ma sucah – don’t be afraid. If we are under the protection of this divine instruction, then our life will be sublime.

To get rid of all the fears, of all the problems and the obstacles that we have created in previous lives and in this lifetime, we have to invite a higher power and we can invite that power by surrender. Sometimes unexpected things happen – in normal, material life and in spiritual life also. But a determined and surrendered devotee will be never frustrated, never turned down.

Question of Rukmini: I would like to ask some pragmatic question. Regarding the duties that we have, when we are jumping, how to understand that we have passed under the lath? When surrendering, sometimes some duties are not fulfilled. How to distinguish which are our duties that we should not give up?

Tirtha Maharaj: Never give up! It’s not befitting to a Bulgarian lady to give up.

Rukmini: Maybe I should ask how to understand what are our real duties?

Tirtha Maharaj: Once there was a definition given by a highly elevated vaishnava about Bhakti Yoga. He said: “Bhakti Yoga means that you start to love everyone.” Then I said: “Wow! I’d like to start this process!” So, this is the meaning! Try to love, start to love everyone! This is our main duty.

Another case: I met a devotee, not initiated yet, practicing in some temple for many years. And I told him: “Ah, it’s very simple! We simply have to become a better person.” And he said: “Wow! I have to think it over. I did not hear that for the last six years.” You know, I was amazed, how is it possible?! It should be obvious that Bhakti Yoga is about how I can become a better person!

So we have to be very careful about our practices.


[1] Bhagavad Gita 18.66

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