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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

Narayan Maharaj

(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 24.07.2016 evening, Sofia) 

(continues from the previous Friday) 

Subject and object – this is the key of an affectionate relationship. The first spell, the first charm is exploitation. Because illusion means that you live in the world of exploitation. This is our present conditioning stage. We live under this spell. The second level, the second stage is the stage of renunciation or rejection. This is the spell of the truth. While the third stage is the miracle of love. Here the principle is devotion. Exploitation, renunciation, dedication – what is your choice? Here I think it’s easier. Who wants to live in a world of exploitation? Nobody. Who wants to live in a world of renunciation? Well, maybe some will say they want, but they cannot perform. Yet, who wants to live in a world of dedication? More will agree, but they also cannot perform. Why? Because exploitation goes so easy, it’s so natural for us! Renunciation – ‘it’s not for me, no’. But dedication is very difficult because here you must be selfless. Even in renunciation there is remuneration. You will feel great: ‘I can do this! I can renounce banana ice-cream. I am so great!’ There is a feedback. You feel your strength, your power of total renunciation. But what is the feedback in dedication? When you simply have to perform your duty selflessly? Just remember this very challenging remark of Mahaprabhu: “Whether You embrace me or You kick me, I am there.” Who can do that? We all agree it’s beautiful. But we want the embrace – at least sometimes, or once in a lifetime. If only the kick comes, who can tolerate that?

I cannot. I tell you, one of the bitterest moments of my life was when Gurudev was starting a journey around the world. It was the night before, the next morning he had to start. I just enjoyed so much to be there in his presence and then I understood that he has to pack his luggage and prepare. He was on his nerves and finally said: “Very nice, my dear boy! Now you go.” And I felt like kicked out. It was a very bitter experience. At least sometimes we need the embrace.

So, selfless dedication – it’s the real challenge. To be ready anytime. Actually this was Gurudev’s expectation – that devotees should be ready to any kind of service at anytime. If it is cooking at midnight, you have to be ready. If it is jumping into the darkness, you have to be ready. If it is selling his magazines, you have to be ready. If you have to go out and make a mission, you have to be ready. Irrespective of you individual capacities. Because if we surrender, we shall achieve the power that is necessary to accomplish.

(to be continued)


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