Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 05.01.2017 evening, Sofia)
(continues from the previous Monday)
But there were also other reasons for Krishna’s descend. “Jay and Vijay had been cursed to come to this world as demons for three births. Now in their third birth they would become Shishupala and Dantavakra. Krishna had to come to liberate them.”[1]
You remember the story, we have mentioned the four Kumaras – that somehow they were rejected the entrance to Vaikuntha. The gate-keepers told them: “You have no entrance here.” But this was a kind of offensive mentality – to stop these saintly personalities from free entrance to the divine realm and these two gate-keepers had to take birth in the material world. Lord Vishnu offered them a deal: they had a choice – they could come as devotees or they could come as demons. If they choose to take birth as devotees, they have to take birth seven times. If they choose the demoniac birth – three cycles.
Just try to imagine yourself in this situation. You’ve made a mistake in Vaikuntha. And then the curses are running up and down. Then God comes on the spot to clarify the situation and He offers you a deal: “All right, I cannot do away with the curse that you have got, but I can give you a choice. You can be My devotee in the material sphere for seven lifetimes. Or you can be My opponent, a very nice, great demon – three times. It’s up to you. What is your choice?” Now I ask you! You imagine yourself standing at the gate of Vaikuntha. And now you calculate: ‘What is better? What am I to do now?’
Jay and Vijay made a very effective calculation. They said: “All right, we take the three demoniac births. Because that is shorter. We can cease the curse to take material bodies more quickly. And anyway we shall meet You down there.” Therefore in three cycles in the repeated lilas of Lord Vishnu they had to come again and again as some negative forces, like demons. And for this last time they came as Shishupala and Dantavakra to be liberated by Krishna and to finish the three cycles of birth that they had to take.
You see, this is something very subtle. Because here even the demons only play a certain role. They have to play the role of an opponent. And sometimes to be an obedient servant is difficult. But to be an opposing servant is even more challenging.
But as the deal was done, Krishna came for their liberation also. And again here we see that it’s not the general yuga-dharma. It’s something specific for devotees, for liberating, saving some souls from their karmic cycle.
(to be continued)

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