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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 30.07.2016 morning, Sofia)

(continues from the previous Friday) 

Question of Manjari: Sometimes it happens that one feels some finer revelations inside. How to know that this is something divine or something else?

Swami Tirtha: There are different solutions to resolve this problem. First we study what was the revelation to others? How our saints perceived divinity? What kind of process they followed and in this manner what did they achieve? Because there is a little know-how of divine revelation also. If we know that for example our saints, our previous acharyas, our spiritual masters follow such type of life-style, such type of meditation and they achieve such type of divine vision, then it’s a little guidance for us. Of course their vision, their revelation is private, it’s theirs. But if we continue, if we follow, we may also achieve something.

Therefore first study: what is the goal, what is the path, what is the structure of this whole spiritual school. If you have this intellectual or theological basis, then you can train yourself and examine yourself: ‘What happens if I apply the process?’ When pure devotees chant the holy names like: Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare. Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare, they immediately feel divine ecstasy. So what happens to me if I apply the process? It will come, don’t worry. And whenever some kind of smaller or greater realization comes to you, then you can check it, you can observe it – if it is according to what I have learned, or not, it’s something unique. Through the small we can understand the great. And if we test ourselves on small little revelations, then when the great, the final revelation will come to us, we will know that is true. So, we can say the first step is a kind of theoretical preparation and the second step is application in practice. Let yourself be exposed to the experiment.

There is a very nice story in this respect. There was a revelation of Mother Mary to three children in Portugal. Two girls and one boy. It was quite a strange revelation, because Mother Mary came on the 13th of May and she told the children: “Every month I will come on the 13th day. Just come to this path again – they were out in the fields, grazing the sheep. Just come next month also and I will tell you something more.” Next month they also came and Mother Mary told them: “Pray on the rosary.” The next month they also came. And you know girls are very obedient usually, especially if Mother Mary comes to them. So, they were chanting very nicely and again they had the divine vision. Boys, you know sometimes are a little naughty, not so obedient all the time. And while the two girls were already in communication he said: “I don’t see”. While one of the girls said: “Of course, because you don’t chant!”, the boy immediately started to chant and then he said: “Yes, I also see!”

So, test yourself. If you do, you will reach. If you don’t do, it’s almost sure that you won’t reach. But why I say almost? Because God is stronger than your resistance. He can reveal Himself even to those who don’t want it. And sometimes it happens, like a strike of a thunderbolt – He reveals Himself even to those who don’t want it. Then what to speak of those who want it? What to speak of the saintly kings and the great devotees in the past, in the future and right now, today.

So, chant and you will see, you will meet. Maybe only the cosmic revelation will come to you at first. Of course this is something very, very high. But later on a more refined and a more intimate meeting might happen also.


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