Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

Question of Bhakti Shakti: I would like to ask something. How can we act like this to see everything as it belongs to Krishna and to worship it like this, but not to get attached to it? To realize all the time that this isKrishna’s and not wanting to possess it.

Tirtha Maharaj: You can try to be attached.Krishna will help you to get rid of your attachments. Because, do not forget, it is said that if He wants to take away something from you, even if you have ten hands, you cannot protect yourself. But if He wants to give you something, even if you have hundreds of hands, you cannot protect yourself of this. So, He will rid us of our attachments. You can try this method, He will help.

Second advice is: think, meditate – really, deeply, always. This is difficult – to fix your consciousness on a very high and very elevated standard. Isn’t it difficult? It is. If we are forbidden to think of an apple, definitely we shall think of an apple, right? This is our conditioning. It is very difficult to control the mind. Still, it is possible by very long and very strong practices.

But if you do not want to waste so much time, then I suggest: associate with the devotees. Through themKrishnahelps us also to get rid from our attachments. And also from their good example we can see the right method. When they achieve something, they say “Thanks” toKrishna. Or even before, when they start to do something, immediately they offer it to God. It is also suggested: it is not enough to do something and to offer only the final outcome. We should offer right from the beginning. When you wake up in the morning, what are you doing? When you open your eyes?

Bhakti Shakti: I am thinking what I have to do for the day.

Tirtha Maharaj: It is not bad, because many people think: “Ah, I will turn to my other side.” But first should be to bow down. To offer respects to Shri Guru, Shri Krishna: “Thank you that I have got another day for your service, chance for the service.” And if you start in this way, you will continue in the same manner.

So there are some chances to fix the consciousness. Also by chanting, it helps to be connected – your personal, private meditation, when you talk to Krishna: “Krishna,Krishna!”

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