Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

You are interested in yoga and this is the topic that has brought us together today. We are meeting in 21th century. Still we are interested in something very ancient and practically unlimited in space and time. We are searching for eternity. Why? Because the soul is different from the body. And we know that body is limited in so many aspects. But we hope, we believe and we know that the soul is eternal. Yoga will help us to realize that. Yoga is a way to be connected, yoga is a way to elevate our consciousness, achieve purification and perfection.

Most of us will say: perfect human being does not exist. Usually this is our conclusion – that perfection on human level does not exist. But do not be so quick with your judgment; you can say you did not meet a perfect person, but we cannot say it does not exist.

“Bhagavad Gita” is a divine song, divine revelation. And at least we should give respect to this book, to this scripture – such a divine respect in order to understand the message. Because actually three secrets are hidden in “Bhagavad Gita”. We are human beings, so we are interested in secrets. The basic secret is that unity and superiority beyond differentiation and beyond matter exists. This is called Brahman – the spiritual substance. This is a very secret message, because most of the people see only matter, only the bodies. The spiritual essence exists beyond this platform. But the higher secret of “Gita” is that this spiritual essence pervades everything. There is no hidden place in this universe, which is not pervaded by this divine power. The space outside and the space inside is pervaded by that power. This is very secret thing. You should go on thinking and meditating about this with a very sincere heart and then this will be revealed to you. But shall I tell you the topmost secret or shall we stop here? Let’s go for the secret! All right! This divine essence is a person. This personal power, personal manifestation is very lovely, very attractive. This is Krishna.


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