Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 10.05.2017 pm, Sofia)

(continues from the previous Friday)

“My dear King Rahugana, as long as the conditioned soul accepts the material body and is not freed from the contamination of material enjoyment, and as long as he does not conquer his six enemies and come to the platform of self-realization by awakening his spiritual knowledge, he has to wander among different places and different species of life in this material world.

The mind is the cause of all tribulations in the material world. As long as this fact is unknown to the conditioned living entity, he has to accept the miserable condition of the material body and wander within this universe in different positions. Because the mind is affected by disease, lamentation, illusion, attachment, greed and enmity, it creates bondage and a false sense of intimacy within this material world.”[1]

So, here this very old friend is described – the mind. And as yesterday, or the day before yesterday, we could finally identify where we perceive the suffering, where it happens – this is in the mind platform – here we get some instruction about the different lashes that disturb the mind: disease, lamentation, illusion, attachment, greed and enmity. There are so many things that disturb us. For example, there are certain factors mentioned in this respect. What gives disturbance to the mind? Some are inconvenient bodily conditions – for example when you are thirsty or hungry, you become agitated very easily. When the senses are satisfied, when you have eaten, then you have a better mood. Therefore they have these business lunches. Because after them the senses are satisfied and you can achieve your goals more easily. Or when you don’t get enough sleep – again you become more easily agitated. Or when there is some insecurity in your life, when you are unsure of something – oh, that gives you big trouble. I think this is the greatest trouble of all, because other things you can overcome, but this really dissipates your power.

But all these discomforts we can use in the spiritual growth. If you don’t sleep, if you keep vigilance, you will become more sensitive. If you don’t eat, first you become angrier, then you start to have a headache, but then you start to feel that you have more energy and you are more sensitive again. You perceive your environment in a different manner. So, all these discomforts can bring a very good result – if you apply them in a spiritual manner. It’s easy to fast when you decide: ‘I am so strong in my renunciation, today I am fasting!’ But better you fast when you don’t get food, when somebody else decides for you to provide or not to provide. I tell you, then it’s much more difficult.

Anyway, you can use these discomforts for your spiritual growth. And then slowly, slowly by this gradual process you can find your inner peace. Then we are more sensitive about the spiritual truths and the divine reality, and maybe we can come closer to that blessed moment when it will reveals itself to us.

(to be continued)

[1] Shrimad Bhagavatam, 5.11.15-16

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