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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 05.01.2013, evening, Kyustendil)

(continues from the previous Friday)

May I tell you a story? Once we visited a very beautiful temple in India. It’s a famous place; it’s the birth place of Krishna when He appeared on the planet Earth. This is a relatively small town with 5000 temples. So, practically every house, every home is a temple and there are some big ones like cathedrals also. Once we visited one of the main temples in this town. When the evening function was finished we just exited the temple and all of a sudden at the big gate of the temple complex a very impressive old man came opposite us. He was entering, we were exiting. I was so much impressed that I asked: “May I take a picture of you? May I have a photograph?” And you know Indians have two approaches to photographs – either they love it or they hate it. He was a lover type. And he said: “Yes, you can!” Very nice hair, very nice beard, very nice dress, very impressive person. He was posing a little bit. And while we were taking the photograph, he said: “Beyond the service of Krishna, of God, nothing else is real”. And then he said: “By the way, I am the leader of this temple complex,” and entered.

So, life is full of unexpected meetings. You think that: ‘oh, that’s a good looking old person visiting the temple complex’. No, he is a hidden prophet or a high saint of the highest caliber. And not only the external appearance, but also the words were very serious. As we prayed together: “from the unreal lead me to the real”. So, what is reality? This is God, the service to the Supreme. This is real reality. And actually this reality is a mystic experience.

Once a friend of mine asked a teacher: “Oh, master, can you, please, tell me how business works? How is it that it happens? What is the secret of success?” So, the master said: “Oh, there are two sides: one is the practical and the other is the mystical”. Everybody was very surprised: ’Now we shall hear the mystics’ explanation of business. Right, how to become successful in 30 days.’ And this master said: “Well, the practical aspect of business success is that you pray; and the mystical aspect is that it happens.” You would think that the mystical side is the prayer and the practical side that this is accomplished – but no! Our practice should be this living and loving connection to the Supreme, the source of everything. And the mystical thing is that we don’t understand how it works, but somehow it works. So, shift your attention, have a divine focus. And if we do our prayers, if we chant our mantras, if we have our meditations, then we can improve this inner sensitivity. The mantras and especially the holy name can bring us to higher levels of reality very quickly.

Question: How to shake off from other people’s negativism?

Swami Tirtha: It’s very easy! If the postman wants to deliver you a letter which doesn’t concern you, you say: “No, this is not my letter.” So in the same way, if you receive some negative message from anyone, you should reject that parcel, that letter: “No, this is not for me.” And if it is serious, then you can cut the negative influence.

And if you pray, if you submit yourself under divine protection, nothing wrong can enter your system. Because the Sun and the Moon are there in your palms. So if you put these together, this is the ultimate seal of protection. Because where the Sun and the Moon are together, nothing wrong can enter. They are there in your palms, always joined, always united. Then nothing can hurt you.


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