Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 03.05.2018, arrival) 

(continues from the previous Monday)

Question of Paramananda: When we are in the company of persons who have a big radius, we start to see part of their perspective. And when we are not in their company, we are back to our small sonar. How to cope with this problem?

Swami Tirtha: Don’t go home. What can I say? Are we so stupid to put the load back on our shoulders again, and again, and again through lifetimes? This is what happens, right? Therefore spiritual life is a very challenging process. Because we know that with a half-solution we shall be never satisfied. We all know that. Nevertheless, at the end of the lecture we go home. Better after prasadam.

But then what to do? We cannot provide a place for a hundred people here in this room. So either you stay in the temple, or you create your own temple. Therefore I say, this is very challenging. You have to find your own source of radiation. That means realization. We cannot always live on the back of others. You have to find your own resources. We know that everything is descending – it’s not that I have to accumulate. But don’t waste. This is our duty – don’t waste. Whatever you have been given, try to preserve that and make it grow. Don’t forget to push your limits. That means we have to become very qualified. So that even if this glorious star of the eastern horizon leaves us, we always stay with this star. And I think that this is possible.

Yes, because it’s not only us who have a radius. They, the great ones – they also have a radius. And if they make one step towards you, then you start to be inside their scope. Krishna also has got a radius. I think it’s unlimited. But even if Krishna’s radius is limited, there is someone whose radius is not. So it doesn’t concern only us, that we have to expand our radius; they have already extended their radius towards us.

To put it short: chant the holy names. Always stay in the light.

Comment of Dinabandhu Prabhu: It is said that if you make one step towards God, the Providence will also make her steps. The last time Paramananda Prabhu suggested to me to make more cheese, so I took it to heart. I was working two days, day and night, to produce the cheese. And then when we started the journey, Gurudev said: “Hey, wait a minute, if at the borders they will not allow your cheese, then what happens?” So I had the chance to chant the holy name very intensely at the borders. And finally the cheese arrived.

Swami Tirtha: You see, miracles do happen.

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