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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 20.08.2015, evening, Ludashto)
Question: Due to what reasons one can find the company of the devotees and how he or she can enter? What is the explanation?
Swami Tirtha: Bhakti in general is very basic and very elevated at the same time. Why I say basic? Because this is the ultimate language, this is practically the only language around the Supreme. There is no other way or communication than divine love in the supreme divine circles. Therefore this is very natural and very basic. And why I say that this is very unique and special at the same time? Because here in the worldly life this is the most misused  word. 
Those who practice this divine process of loving attachment to the Supreme are called the bhaktas. There are unlimited ways of spiritual practices. Some people say there are atheism, agnosticism and religion. But I say there is only religion. Why? Because those who, like atheists, want to deny the existence of God, first they have to positively acknowledge what they later on want to deny. In this way atheism is also a kind of faith – faith in the non-existence of God. 
But beyond all these different classifications, these different spiritual and religious processes, there is one very unique, very special relationship. And this is called bhakti, bhakti-yoga if you want. Bhakti is this devotional loving attachment to the Supreme Lord, while yoga means ‘connection’; so this connection is based on emotional attachment. And very few people follow this path. Therefore we have to pay attention to this path. Because it’s the selected few who follow. 
So how can we enter the circle of devotees? It’s very simple – you just enter! This circle is open. Therefore we might say that this is not a circle; if it is open, it’s not a circle, because a circle is always closed. But this circle is a special circle – it’s open. This is a circle of close one. And the reason why we meet devotees and the path of bhakti is our good luck. Those who are lucky they meet, those who are not lucky they don’t meet. Those who are even more unlucky, even if they meet, they don’t join. What can we do?! We can only pray for them. Why? Because they miss only one thing – ecstasy. 
Some devotees have taken the trouble, they were ready to preach, to meet other people, instead of simply enjoying their internal bhajan. Actually we are sitting here due to these devotees’ sacrifice. Objectively observing we can say that we meet the devotional practice, bhakti, due to that sacrifice; somebody else makes the sacrifice. 
So there are already two answers to your question: one is the blind luck and the other was other people’s sacrifice. Nevertheless if we examine the question theoretically, we can say that due to some pious activities before – it’s called sukriti – you can meet devotees. 
I had a very serious problem, like a topic to think it over: how atheism is spreading? Why? What is the reason for atheism to spread? How is it that people don’t understand this beautiful, real, religious attachment and the divine reality – how they don’t understand? And I was not satisfied by simply claiming that this is Kali Yuga, this is not the epoch of faith. What to speak of any so called scientific explanation why religion is not necessary. Science also tries to explain, but it’s absolutely irrelevant. The opinion of science says that matter in an unknown way permanently is being manifested from nothing – this is the scientific explanation of the existence. Why is it scientific? It’s a kind of faith, you cannot prove that. In this way there is no relevant explanation why irreligion is spreading. And then I met the answer of Shrila Shridhara Maharaj, who claims that irreligion is spreading because people do not have enough sukriti. They have a very degraded life and therefore their understanding is not developed enough to catch on the higher truth. So if we live a very degraded life, we shall lose our faith. Then how to meet a real divine process? Live a very pious, very qualitative life. 
Here is another kind of explanation how we can meet devotees or bhakti. But if we have met, let’s do something about it. We can say that bhakti, or divine love, is the ultimate function of the soul. We don’t have any other engagement than this. Yet we engage ourselves in so many different activities.  
(to be continued)

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