Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


Question: How should we act if we feel the guru inside ourselves, inside our heart as a voice, but we do not have a base on this Earth to realize that? If you’ve got that ideal in your heart for real, but just cannot realize it on this Earth, what do you have to do?

Tirtha Maharaj: Time will come. Time, place and circumstances.

Comment: Yeah. Time will eat me like a snake.

Tirtha Maharaj: No, no, no. Never! This is only for the materialists.

Comment: The time is up.

Tirtha Maharaj: Time is up?! The time is eternal.

Comment: On this place, I mean, on this Earth.

Tirtha Maharaj: What is this Earth? This Earth is a holy place. Especially this ashram is like an embassy of the spiritual sky. So, it is not material. Depends on you.

Question: When you have to walk all alone in a crowd with that supreme ideal, what we should do?

Tirtha Maharaj: We are never alone.

Comment: But on this Earth, I mean.

Tirtha Maharaj: No, not even here! Just look around, you will find them. You will find your brothers and sisters. Just look around.

Comment: I am looking for them.

Tirtha Maharaj: No, they are looking for you. I will tell you why. Sometimes we think that we are searching for God, right. But actually God is searching for us. Therefore, I say that it is not you who are searching for your brothers. But your brothers and sisters are looking for you. ‘Hey, dear brothers, where are you? Why don’t you come?’

Question: Are they the same – God and brothers and sisters?

Tirtha Maharaj: No. God is the Supreme and your brothers are the servants of this Supreme.

Comment: That is right. They are not the same.

Tirtha Maharaj: Yes, of course. But they will show you.

Comment: I have no hope, already. I’ve got only the breath. I mean, before I believed, but already I don’t believe.

Tirtha Maharaj: How come? What did you lose?

Answer: Everything.

Tirtha Maharaj: No. You have lost only your illusions. You have lost only what is impermanent. Did you lose anything?

Answer: Yes, my hope.

Tirtha Maharaj: No! Hope dies last.

Comment: No, breath is the last one.

Tirtha Maharaj: Anyway, either first or last, we have to die also. But our death should be a glorious death. And glorious death means to die on the platform of divine love, or die in service. That is real elevation to the spiritual platform.

Question: But service to what?

Tirtha Maharaj: To God!

Question: How?

Tirtha Maharaj: By chanting, coming here, by cleaning the temple. It is very simple. I can tell you millions of ways.

Comment: And if I have some realization in my heart how do I have to serve?

Tirtha Maharaj: Ask saints who will tell you if it is true, or not.

Comment: If the saint is talking to me in my heart, why do I need somebody outside to tell me?

Tirtha Maharaj: Now you’re asking.

Answer: But I just want to talk to people, not be like a stupid slave.

Tirtha Maharaj: Sure, but until we don’t know, we have to ask. If we know, we don’t have to ask.

Comment: That is why I am here.

Tirtha Maharaj: Good, then listen to the answer also. It will help you.

Comment: Thank you!

Tirtha Maharaj: The inner guidance will help us to understand the guidance from the outside. But what happens if the inner guidance and the outer guidance is not the same, if they have different opinions. If there is a difference, usually it is better for us to listen to the external guidance. Of course not the advice of somebody standing on the street. But if we have a spiritual authority and he says one thing, and our inner conviction says a different thing, usually in 99.9% it is better to listen to the external source, or the guru. Because it is very fortunate if we have somebody to take care of us. Just like a kid – he’s got any problems? No problems. Because he is fully sure that ‘my mother will supply me the supper and my father will supply me the cars’: right now small cars, and then big ones – no problems, safe, secure. In the same way if there is somebody to take care of us, it is a very fortunate situation. But this connection to guru is very much like a friendship. Because friendship means – check first, then love. Not the other way around. Think first and then love. Better I say: first check, but later on – don’t check. Because if you love first, and then you start to check, that’s a failure. So, check first, and then practice. Not that practice first and then check – no. If we have checked that our spiritual authority, our master is for us, he is the proper guidance for us, then we shall follow fully, not half way. And if you do more spiritual practice, you will hear your inner guidance more properly.


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