Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

Damodar: My question is why we, the living entities that are here, are not coming directly from there, from the spiritual world?

Tirtha Maharaj: Then from where? We come directly, but the question is what the starting point is. The destination is clear – this is the material world. But the starting point is may be a little hazy for one or the other. But if you study the version of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu about the origin of the soul and the original position of the soul – then the picture is very clear. Because He says: “jivera svarupa haya krishnera nitya-dasa krishnera tatastha-shakti bhedabheda prakasha”[1] That means that the original position of the spirit soul is that he is servant of Krishna. And he originally is tatastha-shakti of the Lord, the marginal energy of God, similar and different at the same time. So I think this quite clearly explains the whole situation that you come directly from the spiritual world, but you are tatastha-shakti. Tatastha-shakti also is included in para-shakti, in divine realm, but not in divine presence, personal presence. It is only a question of section, of your point of view. But next time when we visit the sea you will very easily understand this. Because if you walk on the shore you are sometimes under the influence of the water, sometimes under the influence of the dry land – this is tatastha-shakti: sometimes this, sometimes that.

But to be a personal companion of Krishna – that is different. From that you cannot come. Prahlad Maharaj says: “How can I ever leave his service?!” This is very important, very nice verse from the “Srimad-bhagavatam”: “How can I ever leave his service?!” If you are committed to your master, if you are committed to your Lord – how can you ever leave his service?! And those, who have the personal contact, who are personal companions, parishads of God Himself – they can never leave Him. They cannot fall. It is said “In Vaikuntha not even the leaves fall.” They are evergreen, everything is evergreen. How can jivas fall if not even the leaves fall? That’s impossible.

But when you are in this marginal place sometimes the waves of illusion will come and wipe you off, take you for a ride, for a swim. But if you decide: “No. I want to go back. I don’t want to serve this illusory ocean”, then Mayadevi will understand that “he is not my servant” and the ocean will spit you off. That means you will fall from your illusory position. But that fall is an elevation, is a jump.

Yamuna: Sadhu Maharaj also said that we have to prove to maya that we are completely useless so that she can spit us out.

Tirtha Maharaj: Something like this. But for that you don’t have to work very hard. Most of the devotees are very useless; not from the divine point of view, but from the material point of view. Why? Because they do not belong here. They are strangers, foreigners in this land. By mistake you are here, you are not originating from here. But as soon as you come back to your original home, then you feel fine. And then immediately we shall find our use. How we can be useful for Krishna’s service. We can be useful if we submit ourselves to Krishna. He is waiting for you. This is the beauty of the bhakti process. That it is not us who are waiting for God, but God is waiting for us. Do you understand how deep it is? Our superior is taking care, He is expecting us to join his campaign! Do not make Him wait too long. Because immediately when we achieve our eternal destination our life becomes fulfilled.

Yashoda: I want to ask what is ecstasy?

Tirtha Maharaj: Ecstasy is what you feel at the end of the kirtan.

Yashoda: … and why there is fear from it?

Tirtha Maharaj: Because it’s very heavy. Why there is a fear? Because you don’t have the taste for it. As soon as we shall have the taste, we shall not be able to live without it.

[1] „Chaitanya-charitamrita” Madhya, 20.108

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