Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


 (from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 04.01.2017, morning, Sofia)

(continues from the previous Monday) 

We know that all the different relationships to the Supreme are parts of the ocean of rasa. And what is the natural state of the ocean? Peaceful. Hardly you can see any waves. But what happens when the full moon appears in the sky? Agitation comes. The black waves of the Black sea. And the black waves are beautified by the white foam.

So wait until the full moon appears, and then the peace is enhanced with some more beauty. It is said a pure devotee cannot resist all the different waves of divine emotions. Therefore we have to realize that platform, take advantage, achieve that peace in the conflict of body-mind complex, cease the fire, use the antidote for the snake-bite of material existence, stabilize our consciousness and try to fix our commitment on the Supreme. These are the very positive engagements in the shanti practices. Please, don’t forget about these. Always listen to the good advice, hope for the mercy and try to remember God’s pastimes. And also meditate on your spiritual future.

This is what I wanted to share with you about this neutral approach in spirituality. Although this is not the final goal in general, but we can say that this is like a support for stability in other spiritual practices. If somebody is interested more in this spiritual stability, I suggest you study the Bhagavatam, Kapiladev’s teachings, because he is like the protector of shanta-rasa.

Baladev: I have a question related to a quotation from Shrimad Bhagavatam. “The sincere determination is the only qualification necessary to achieve the highest perfection.” The question is how to add this sincere determination to our devotional service?

Swami Tirtha: Well, God consciousness should be fixed in our system as an irrevocable fact. And then all the unnecessary disturbances in the heart – like kama, agitation, material attachments, etc, etc. – will vanish. In this purified state of heart we can immediately perceive this stability and living connection to Supreme. And ultimate perfection? It depends on divine grace. We can do our small little part, to show our willingness. But ultimate perfection depends on them. Therefore we pray. In a neutral way we try to tolerate and we accept what is given, but on a non-passive platform we pray for some extra blessings.

If we take shanti as a foundation, from where you can start the further cultivation, I think it’s a very positive understanding. But if we stop here, it’s stupid. So don’t be satisfied with only a passive approach to the Supreme; there is a lot more to find here. Therefore we wait for the full moon to come. Krishna Chandra, Goura Chandra – why, why Chandra? Why we compare Them to the full moon? Because They will agitate your heart. And They will bring the waves of this peaceful ocean of your consciousness.

Yashoda: This peace is like a basic approach, we need it in the problems of life. When a devotee is not on the level to chant, maybe he can achieve some peace by breathing exercises and meditation. Is there no danger that he may like this path and go astray from devotional practices?

Swami Tirtha: Krishna is the master of yoga. So if you breathe: mat prananathas tu sa eva naparaha[1] – “You are the controller of my prana.” Or if you meditate, you will meet Him in your heart. Actually Krishna’s attractive power is stronger than our resistance. You know sometimes we make a try: ‘All right, I know that illusion is not very much recommended, but let’s try.’ And then you taste it. But Chaitanya Charitamrita gives much better taste.

So even if we fail, let’s say we lose our connection, we stop our spiritual practices – what you have done is never lost. One moment of pure dedication is much more precious and much more effective in your spiritual elevation than a whole lifetime wasted in nonsense. Of course our heart bleeds if somebody doesn’t find his or her place in spiritual life. Somebody leaves the company of the devotees – how come!? But we should be happy that this person was with Krishna, with the service for some time in his life. Because that will save him or her. One moment in the company of the great saints is much more worthy than innumerable wasted lifetimes. Why? Because all these wasted lifetimes are in service of illusion, which is not real, while service of the great saints, connection to the Supreme – this is real. One moment of reality can save you from unlimited quantity of unreal moments. From the unreal lead me to the real.


[1] “Оnly He (eva saḥ) is the lord of my life (mat prāṇa-nāthaḥ), nobody else (na aparaḥ)” /Shikshashtakam 8

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