Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 02.10.2017, morning, Sofia)

(continues from the previous Monday) 

Because usually what is life? Life means we try to collect things, right? And sometimes you are drowned in the things that you have collected. They say that in an average western household there are ten thousand objects. We are suffocated by that. And of course these are not only the objects, but the experience that we collect. Another museum of curiosities. Do you have your own collection?

So, here comes my second question, because the first one was what is your conception about life, how many times we live, or what is time. And my second question is: if now you have to decide on three things that you can carry on to your next birth – what are these three things? Tomorrow you have to shift, now pack your luggage, yet only three things you can have in your bag. But if you carry your bag, only two things left, because one is your bag – so be clever.

Sanatana: Love, wisdom and devotion.

Petar: First my love; then purity; and the positive experience that I have collected in my consciousness in this body.

Swami Tirtha: You mean like spiritual treasures; very good. Priya? Ah, you are a big collector!

Krishna Priya: I would take Ivan, devotees and Gurudev.

Swami Tirtha: And what about your cats?

Krishna Priya: Well, I’ll sacrifice them.

Swami Tirtha: So, you want me to take another birth. All right…

Baladev: Mine is close to Priya’s. I would take Gurudev, devotees and Mahaprabhu.

Pavitra: I missed the beginning, but guessing the question my vision is a bit different: I want to find a place in somebody’s bag. I know I’m quite big, but I will try to fit somehow.

Swami Tirtha: That’s sweet! Somebody else? Bo, what is your choice?

Bo: I cannot think of other answers than what we’ve already heard.

Damodar: I thought these should be some items.

Swami Tirtha: Whatever is your collection.

Damodar: MP3-player with your lectures; if there should be one book this is the Axis of Life; and the third – japa-mala.

Somebody: Everybody is carrying anyway the experience that they have collected, so it’s coming automatically – the things that we cherish are manifested in our next life. The most important things are these relations with the bhaktas and with all people whom we love and esteem – this we should take consciously in the next life.

Swami Tirtha: It’s very important, what you say. These are our real treasures! And if you have to pack your luggage, you will collect everything from your home first. From this lifetime, I mean. Then you try to fit everything, but the bag is too small, and you have to select: ‘this is not so important, that is not so important…’ And finally a few things should remain – our real treasures. Suryatirth, what is your option? Your camera? Himalaya? And yoga?

Suryatirth: I would use the suitcase of the harmonium, a blank notebook and a mala. I cannot play the harmonium, but I like to listen. I will find with what to write in the notebook and the mala – I think it’s a part of us.

Manoram: Three things I would like to take: one is the love to all acharyas, spiritual masters; the common sense that I have gathered in this life; and to find to whom should I serve the next life.

Vedavid: I agree with the MP3-player full of lectures; japa-mala; and chocolate – prasadam, of course!

Swami Tirtha: I will go with you. So, theory, practice and prasadam. Very nice! Actually Lord Brahma and Sarasvati Devi, his spouse, also have at least two of these… ah, three! In one hand they have the shastras and in the other hand there is the mala; so theory and practice. If Brahma is the highest intelligence in this universe, then this is the foundation of this supreme intelligence – theory and practice. And Sarasvati Devi has some beauty element – the vina in her extra hands. That will make your theory and your practice beautiful. You see, she also has three things in her hands and I think she will carry that forever for the benefit of the living entities.

(to be continued)


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