Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

Recently I was checking in the dictionary the meanings of the word “krishna”. It is very interesting! One meaning is “black” – we know that. There are some other meaning like “naughty”. We know His nature, so that we also can understand. And then some others meanings; and finally there is one meaning in the dictionary that “krishna” means “arjuna”.
And “arjuna” means “white”! So – black means white! And Krishna means Arjuna! We know that Krishna is the speaker of “Bhagavad Gita” and Arjuna is the listener. And they are very good friends. Then I started to think: how is it possible that black is white!? And then it just came to me that this is a glorification of the sakhya-rasa. Because there are so much emotions in their friendship, that the black Krishna becomes white Arjuna! So they are so much united in their friendship, that the black becoms white. And – white becomes black!
So this is their deep emotional contact. Krishna means Arjuna, don’t forget this! But this was not the end of the dictionary. There were some other meanings. The last meaning of “krishna” is “iron”. Although we know that Krishna has this all-atractive power, still according to the dictionary He is only iron! Then who is the magnet?
The magnet has the atractive power! The special energy is in the magnet! And the iron Krishna is only responding to that energy. So who is that energy?! … By that energy surplus Krishna will have that atractive power. And this is not friendship anymore! This is a different rasa. But sometimes it’s useful to check the dictionaries.
Isn’t it a beautiful process – when black is white and white is black? Where the iron will have the magnetic power, when you can be atracted to that magnetic power – I think this is a beautiful process.
Other meaning of “krishna” is “evil”. When is Krishna evil? With the gopis! All the time!!! He is killing them! Always saying “come, come!” and then frustrating them! Isn’t that cruel?! But this again is a question of delicate taste, refined taste. Because Hе’s being cruel is not ordinary cruelty.
So Krishna is cruel sometimes, He doesn’t keep His word… And so many other things He does. But for these reasons He is glorified. Because His divine nature is manifested more in this way. He is not an ordinary God who is always good. That is very boring. Krishna is always interesting! Every day He has something new to say to you. Especially when you think that finally you have understood something – that moment He will crush your ideas! So, He keeps you on the move. Because devotional life is movement. Waves must be there!
When He is cruel – that is sweet. So much so that nobody can leave Him.

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