August 2022


Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 31.07.2016 evening, Sofia)

(continues from the previous Friday) 

So, why we need the company of saintly persons? Because they bring the message of divine presence. Therefore it is suggested that we have to respect and pay attention to the teachers. And especially we have to pay attention to teachers who teach us about divine love. Because compared to that ideal, all other ideals are like subservient. Therefore was the question: how to recognize a saintly person? And therefore we had all these beautiful answers of God Supreme that “he whose consciousness is fixed and independent of good or bad influence – he is a saintly person.”

And if we find such a saint for ourselves, then we are very fortunate. I had found my saint.

Sanatan: Me too.

Swami Tirtha: You see we are brothers.

This meeting was like meeting a white angel. Once my master visited me while I was still living at home. His disciples arranged a meeting with him; they told me: “He will come to you, so be prepared!” And when he entered my room, he was wearing white clothes, full white. He was shining. But later on I understood, that this is not the white clothes; it’s the divine emanation that was shining over him. At that time I had the service to translate. So, he asked: “How is your service going on?” You see, angels are not always smiling and cherishing or patting you on your shoulder. Sometimes they had challenging questions. I said: “Well, after 8-10 years of job and work maybe I can do a little-little translation here and there.” And he said: “No! It’s not enough!” And then it started.

So, if you start to associate with angels, beware! A new speed will come into your life. But this is our fortune, if we can find such an angel in our life. Therefore it is said: follow the angels. And the more you purify your vision, the more angels you will find. And in the company of the saints it’s very much possible that we also can develop some good qualities. If we associate with drunkards, we become drunkards. If we associate with great saints, we might become also saints. And the ultimate sign of a saintly person is that he is always connected to divinity. So, please, be always connected!

To meet a realized person, this is rare. But not impossible. If everything is under divine control, it’s because the real student is very sincere. He has this original purity and this is a divine state of the soul. If we have that purity, then it’s very easy to connect to the divine truth, divine reality.

Chanting the mantra of the holy names is the best method of purifying one of the most important places in our body – the heart. The heart is just like a lotus throne. So if you imagine your heart as a lotus throne, you have to purify everything there and you have to invite the most appropriate person to accept that throne. This throne is waiting for God to accept it. And Krishna is compared to the sun – bright and bringing the enlightenment. While illusion is compared to the darkness; and when there is light, there is no darkness. So if we can invite Krishna onto the lotus throne of our heart, no illusion, no darkness will remain there. Therefore we have to pray that from the darkness we find the way to the light. From the unreal we can approach reality, divine reality. And this is the way to escape from death and reach eternity.

Try to purify that place – the heart. Decorate it with the best offerings that you have and invite Krishna onto this lotus throne. And don’t worry that ‘My heart is too small to embrace God, to provide a place for Him’. In our heart we have a secret cave. And this small secret cave is big enough to encompass the whole world. The heart chakra, the heart feelings are a point of breakthrough.

(to be continued)


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