Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


Everything depends on our consciousness. Whatever is the mood, whatever is the inner feeling of our consciousness, it will reflect on our vision of the world. There is an old traditional story about it. Once three great personalities came together. One was Lao Tze, the second was Kung Fu Tze (Confucius) and the third was Buddha. They made an experiment. They had a bottle full of vinegar. First came Confucius and you know, he is a very realistic person. So he poked his finger into the pot, licking his finger and he said in a very realistic way: “This is sour.” Then came the very peaceful old wise master Lao Tze. He also put his finger into the vinegar, licking it and he said: “This is sweet!” But then finally came Buddha, who is a little pessimistic, you know. He also tasted the vinegar and he said: “No, this is not sweet, this is not sour, this is bitter.”

So, you should choose what type of opinion you want – realistic, pessimistic or optimistic. If you are realistic you will see only action and reaction. If you are pessimistic you will see only reaction. And if you are optimistic you will see the third element – the perfection. So our duty as intelligent human beings possessing a common sense is to find the best solution. We have to apply our vision, our philosophy in the practical life. And this is one of the greatest secrets.

Just recently we had an occasion with very deep spiritual discussions with some friends and we discussed the mystic initiation. So we agreed that there are only three things that we can be initiated into. The first is a science. The second is a secret. And the third one is a mystery. We are all searching for truths, we are all searching for solutions. So knowledge, secrets and mystery will help us to come closer to solutions.

Today’s world and everyday life is not a mystical process. It looks like everything is so practical. We are engaged in daily activities and it is difficult to find the beauties of everyday life. And I have to tell you, we miss a lot! Because if you forget to see the beautiful Vitosha from any part of Sofia, then it’s a mistake. Or if we are not happy that the sunshine is warming our skin, it’s a mistake. So even the most insignificant simple things in life can turn into a mystery if we have the vision.

But in order to understand the mysteries, we need to apply a method. And the first step in opening up the secrets and the mysteries is to analyze ourselves. According to the ancient science of yoga, we are not the bodies. Sounds very simple, right? But if you think deeply, it’s difficult to accomplish. What does it mean we are not the bodies? The body has a beginning and it has an end. It takes birth and it will die, perish. Once they made a calculation of the components of the body. You know that this is practically 75% water. And few kg. of coal and calcium and this and that… So if you calculate all these elements, you can buy this 60-70 kg material for let’s say 20 lev. Do you feel like 70 kg of water? Or little more? So, the body is made of material elements, but we feel a little different from these material bones and skin and this and that here. And whenever we want to identify ourselves we say touching the bosom: “I am”. But then we have to inquire: “Then who am I?” If this body is impermanent, then what is my real identity? This is the soul! We have a soul identity, which is just the opposite of matter. Matter is perishable, soul is permanent. Our body comes from matter, our soul comes from the spirit. And body will return to matter, and soul will return to spirit. Whatever comes from whatever source, it should return there. So, our real identity – we come from eternal source.

Therefore it is said that we are not the bodies. You are also the body, because the body is your manifested thought. It is your desire to have such a body. The soul has the desire and therefore that desire manifests in a form. Sometimes we make mistakes in our desires, but it does not matter. Body is like a vehicle to reach the goal, the destination.

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