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Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 09.01.2016 evening, Sofia) 

Life is a beautiful experience. Life is sacred because it comes from a divine source. We in this room, we all have something common. And we all have something different. What is the factor that unites us? It’s the divine source, the spiritual nature and the divine destination. And what separates us? That unique individual beauty that makes the picture even more beautiful. In this sense we are one in the spirit and we are different in personality, in our unique features, in individuality. And we all have a very special part inside – this is our spiritual identity. So many aspects of our life change from time to time. But there is something which will never change. Our identity, our inner essential nature – that never changes. So, as intelligent human beings we have to search for that eternal part. And you are all very fortunate because you are searching the source of eternal happiness.

These are big words. But it is true. Why? Because if we cultivate this eternal relationship of the best part that we have – our soul – in an eternal, perfect manner, in a loving way with the eternal source, then this is the best place.

Life is complicated. Philosophy is more complicated. Theology is a labyrinth. But the ultimate truth is always very simple: we are not the bodies, but spiritual souls; we belong to God; and there is a living and loving connection between us. Is that complicated? No, it’s not. And when we try to give the best of ourselves that we’ve ever had, then this is the way to approach the supreme and ultimate Source of all existence, all knowledge and all happiness.

This life – as a mystic experience – is worth living. Even a miserable life is better than no life. But if we have this chance, why not make it a happy chance? Therefore we have to cultivate our eternal side in a spiritual manner, to be connected to the eternal source.

God is not a theory. Many people say: “Well, I believe in God. But that He exists…?” No, He does. Beyond our imagination. And when we think that we are very far away from Him, He is ready to come very close to us. And when we feel that ‘Now I have come one step further to Him,’ actually He came hundred steps closer to us. Fortunately, He is this active type. He is not simply passively waiting until we can climb the ladder of spiritual elevation to the utmost. Our God is a responsive one. Krishna is all-attractive. And He uses His attractive power in an unlimited manner. Therefore we only have to expose ourselves to this attractive power. This is the best that we can do – give up resistance. Give up resistance to spiritual bliss. Don’t push away your salvation from you. Don’t miss your chance to make one step closer to God, so that He can make hundred steps closer to you.

Therefore from time to time we have to come together. Thinking of God and our spiritual duty is good. Speaking about it is better. But to sing about the glories of the Supreme – this is best! So that we can join this grand celebration of singing and dancing in spiritual joy. Because our original nature is of bliss. And we have to revive that original state that we have.

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