Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

Question of Yashoda: Maharaj Parikshit was lucky, because he knew exactly the time of his death and the time that is left to him. He did not waste his time. For us it is unknown when it is going to happen. I personally feel that my time is being wasted, maybe it is impossible to live as intensively as Maharaj Parikshit, but what is the suggestion – how can we intensify our life and make it more useful?

Tirtha Maharaj: The ultimate dimension is intensity. The zero dimension is the point, because there is no expansion. The first dimension is the line; the second is the plane; the third is the object; the fourth is the time. Тime has two faces: limitation – on this side; and eternity – on that side. And on the other side are the next dimensions. The fifth is sat; the sixth is chit; the seventh is anandam – that means existence, consciousness and happiness. Then comes the eight dimension – this is intensified happiness. Then the ninth… practically the tenth dimension, because we started with the zero – this is the perfection, the absolute.

Anandam and intensified anandam – I think this is something that we can grasp; beyond that we cannot understand practically nothing.

Maybe it sounds a little theoretical, but think! How is space arranged– practically we do not understand, but we are accustomed to that. Time is even more complicated, we understand it much less, but we are also accustomed to time. Eternity we cannot imagine! Existence is just a theoretical word. Consciousness is lacking. And anandam, happiness is a dream. What to speak about intensity as a dimension?! Anyway, I fully agree that we should live for intensity.

But you were also mentioning time. If I knew how much time I have, I would use it in such and such way. Yet you know, there are basically two types of approaches in humans, if you understand that tomorrow you have to die. One says: “I will die tomorrow? Let’s enjoy today! This is my last day, so let’s take good use of it.” The other will say: “Wait a minute, I have wasted my time so far; now let’s really do something that lasts for eternity.”

There is a story to describe the first; this is the man hiding in the well, maybe you know it. So, there are some soldiers attacking the village. Our friend is so much afraid, that he is trying to hide from the soldiers, from the life danger, in the well. Therefore he is jumping into the bucket and it is going down, but is hanging on the rope just a little above the water. Outside – soldiers. He says: “Ah, I am saved!” He looks down to the water and then he realizes that there is a dragon living in the water. “O my God! Out there – the soldiers; down there – a dragon!” Again he looks up and what he sees?! A small mouse is walking on the piece of wood and catching on the rope. And the mouse is very hungry, therefore he starts to eat up the rope – slowly, slowly. The guy starts to think: “Wait a minute! If I start to climb up quickly, I will be killed by the soldiers; if this mouse is cutting the rope for me, I will die with the dragon.” So he starts to look around, what is happening inside the well. All of a sudden he sees some bees among the bricks. He sees the honey of the bees also. Quickly he forgets everything, pokes the finger into the honey, licks it and says: “Honeyyyyyyyyyy!” Bloop!

This is the situation of the stupid guy, who is in life danger, but still he wants to enjoy. Can we say that we are in a safe position? Well, if our heart shrine is already strong, we can say. If not, better we are very eager to build the shrine.

Others will act like Parikshit: “I have a limited time, I have not a moment to waste! Let’s do it! Let’s find the key for perfection.”

But actually it does not really matter when we have to leave, because we have to be ready. And do not think that this preparation or this ability is only in the ancient stories. Ambika Devi, living here inSofia, could determine her passing away. Her faith and her dedication to her spiritual master were so strong, that she was able to control death. So we should not think that this is impossible. It depends on our dedication. If we pray for intensity, thenKrishnacan easily give. And this ability is only for the great yogis; in the “Mahabharata” Bhishmadeva is the famous example for that – he determined the passage. . This is one very rare and very high yogic mystic power. You had a sister who had it! You had seen: from a physical point of view she was very weak, but from a spiritual point of view, she was very strong. So if we have the eyes, we can see the good, and not simply good – the very good, and the best examples around us. It is here! It is not necessary to go back to the Puranic times. And we cannot say: “Fairy-tales from the ancient times.” It is happening right now and here. If you are really dedicated, you can overcome death. You can tell to time: “Stop. I’m still waiting for my beloved God, for my beloved master.” And time will say: “Yes. As you like. I’m your servant.”

Is that sentimental? No, that is powerful, that is mystical, that is beyond material experience, superhuman.

So, intensity! Eternity is ahead of us. Just think: if you have to die and from this lifetime only three things you can take with you. What would you bring with yourself?

Yashoda: Japa-mala.

Yamuna: Deities. Some shastra.

Manjari: Nothing.

Tirtha Maharaj: Poor girl!

Valiо: Only one thing: love to God.

Shyamasundara: It is very difficult, Gurudev!

Tirtha Maharaj: I know! But this time is difficult! This period will be difficult.

Shyamasundara: Nothing material, only the realizations.

Kripadham: Nama, the Holy Name.

Premananda: Some flowers to offer.

Yamuna: He is so convinced about the meeting!

Ivaila: I don’t know… I will probably need the love I have shared, the love I have given and received.

Tirtha Maharaj: So, some feelings you would take… Interesting question, hm? You have three options. What is the most precious in your life – that you can take with you. So if you think, you can find your most precious valuables in this lifetime. Тhat you can take with you. And whatever you mentioned: nama, the practices, the shastras, or realizations, or feelings – I think these are the ultimate values that we have. So we should cultivate these and we should make our heart temple very rich – to collect all the values there, the permanent values, that will keep for eternity.

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