Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

Universal form

Question of Gaurasundara: Very long time ago you said that if we want to see the Lord, He will make us blind. So how that corresponds with that: we want to see the Lord, but at the same time if He appears, He will make us blind, because we don’t have eyes to see Him?

Tirtha Maharaj: Therefore the solution is very easy, because we have to follow the nine principles of Bhakti. This list does not start with “darshanam kirtanam”[1], it starts with “shravanam kirtanam”[2]. So never mind if you see or don’t see; listen about Him! Listen to the talks, discussions, listen to the holy name. And then you will see. This is just like marketing. They start to tell you on the television that this detergent powder is the best! You see: the clothes that are washed by this powder are much whiter than with the other one. Then you start to see – yes, it is whiter! Although it is the same. Right? If you listen, you will see. This is marketing. Spiritual marketing is the same – if you listen, you will see. Irrespective of your blind eyes. So darshanam kirtanam – that is interesting, but shravanam kirtanam is the original version.

You do not have to believe. Try. Because blind following will not help. We should test, try it for ourselves: if we do it sincerely, with full dedication, what will be the result? Check for yourself. No doubt, Krishna can blind us, but He can also give us the proper vision.

You know, many people are running after this “spiritual vision”, some “magical capacities”. This is very popular these days. Others are trying to meet the UFOs. But I tell you, if such people say that they see something, but they cannot appreciate the shine on the faces of the vaishnavas, they are blind. They don’t see anything. So the UFOs are around us. The vaishnavas! So I repeat: the UFOs are around us! Because devotees come from a different world and they also go to a different world.

Arjuna has achieved the divine vision by Krishna’s mercy. So it is very much likely to happen with us also, if we pray as sincerely as Arjuna did. 

[1] Seeing and chanting

[2] Hearing and chanting

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