Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

Question of Yashoda: My question is about the inner connection between us and God. I am interested in inner connection. Because there is a verse in “Gita” whereKrishna says: “Everything is in Me like pearls on a string.”

Tirtha Maharaj: The question about inner connection. The unseen essence. Does anybody know how to play a piano here? Have you ever had two pianos in one room? Try next time to have two pianos in the same room. You hit one sound; what will happen to the second piano? The same sound will resonate on the other piano also. Although these are only machines. But the vibration of one is transmitted to the other and inspires a reflection from the other. And it always happens if there are two pianos in the same room. If you hit one sound, it will always resonate from the other also. If it is tuned – so under some conditions.

A human soul is much more sensitive and much more complicated than a piano. Still if on the strings of our heart we resonate one sound, usually we do not receive the feedback. You try to vibrate a nice sound to the universe, but where is the feedback, where is the echo resonation? For that we need the tuning. We need some conditions. First of all that the strings of our heart sound crystal clear. No hindrance should be there, any! And then, if such another pure heart is close to you, resonation will come.

Still it might not happen always with all the practitioners. But due to some secret formula it is possible to resonate on the same sound. If two persons are so much tuned together that one is vibrating, one is resonating what you emit, or – if we want to go further – the other will resonate before you start to vibrate – that we can call very purified and very intensive spiritual connection. When the finest energies of ours are in tune… This is very rare. But sometimes it happens. For example your meditation is so strong, that all of a sudden a message arrives on your telephone. Or some other echoes.

So, it is possible and this I call inner connection. Unseen; and it is not necessary to make it public. Because secrets should be kept secret.

But what about the sound vibration of divinity? The first invitation is coming from above, from Him. We only have to purify our hearts to resonate, to give the feedback. We have to train ourselves to be crystal clear resonates.

If we want to establish a strong connection with God, with Krishna, how we can be sure that this is correct and bona fide connection? Therefore we have to purify the heart so much that it resonates purely. And if we come to that platform, we shall be always connected. You will feel whether this is approved or not.

But of course until we do not know our limits we could not understand this vibration system, do not try to use that. Because most probably you will fail. In the training period wе should learn and we should rely on the measurable principles, we can say –guru, shastra, sadhu. If they are satisfied with our progress, we can be sure that we are on a good path. This is where we should check: if this is according to the scriptures, revelation; is this supported by my master; is this reflected in the practice of the saints.

But it sounds very theoretical, it is boring. Because we have to add one little thing – the heart, agreement of our hearts. If you feel with your existence, with your atman, that “yes! This is what I have to do” – do it! But first purify yourself and then you can do this.

So the inner connection is there. Only remove the wax from your ears.

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