Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 15.08.2017 pm, Ludasto)

We celebrate the fruits of the beautiful effort. As we have learned from our master, a bhakta life as it is is not a simple passive kind of meditation or a kind of individual private path, but this is an active type of service. Inspiration comes, the blessings are showered and that makes a devotee respond. And for a long time inspiration comes from above – from our masters, from our instructors. Then all of a sudden inspiration starts to flow from another direction – from all those who come after us. But it doesn’t mean that the direction of the inspiration has changed, because through them, through the successors so to say, from those who come after us, it’s the same divine inspiration that invites us for service.

Gurudev, my spiritual master, had some dreams. Some dreams were already fulfilled, other dreams didn’t manifest yet. And I really, truly hope from the deepest core of my heart that whatever is manifested here, this is another hidden dream of his.

I feel that Ludasto provides a chance of favorable environment for devotional service.  In one sense this is also a physical location, available on Google Maps as well, but the essence is hidden, it’s not possible to see. Because the essence of this place is you. And most of the times you are here in an unmanifested form.

We took shelter here in Ludasto around 15 years ago; and the construction of the Moon Farm started 4 years ago. We might think that this building is constructed of different materials – like logs of wood or mud-bricks, etc. But in the very beginning we agreed that this building will be constructed of affection. Therefore I have to express my deepest gratitude to you all who helped this plan to manifest. Let me mention no names, we all know to whom we have to express our gratitude: to all those who from far away supported with their generous donations this construction; or those Bulgarian brothers who in the hottest moments of summer were helping and pushing this construction by physical contribution; and those devotees who locally did their best, and a little more. This is a very glorious service – to provide an environment for service and to serve all those who can take spiritual benefit here. The demigods were showering flowers – as I was counting there were at least millions of petals. And I wish that a thousand times more blessings come upon you all, so that you become stronger and more committed in your devotion, and you reach all possible success in serving and promoting the divine will and ultimately the divine love.

This house is a small little gift box to our Lord Govinda. A little time and effort; and the precious stones, the precious pearls inside this treasure chest – it’s you. So, from now on I declare that this Moon Farm belongs to the service of Radha-Govindaji, in the service of our local Giriraj, and the parampara, and to you all. Plus to all the future generations who will visit this place. And I wish they shall carry on this mission.

(to be continued)

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