Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha


(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, May 2013, Sofia)

(continues from the previous Friday)

Question of Damodar: There was a discussion – where we should concentrate more: on guru personality, or on guru-tattva? I was meditating a lot on this topic and I would like to share my opinion, but in the same time it will be a question. Actually if we understand guru-tattva, that should be more important and more substantial. Because if we understand that, we should for sure automatically treat properly our personal guru.

Swami Tirtha: Hopefully.

Damodar: From the other side it’s easier to accept him as a person, some kind of person.

Swami Tirtha: Not some kind. Special person! Not some kind of person. So, is this your question?

Damodar: The initial question is on what we should concentrate more to enter the principle of guru-parampara? If the institution is more important?

Swami Tirtha: Very good topic. On which part to focus more? I should quote Gurudev on this subject. I think it happened on 24th of April in 1986 when he said: “Don’t try to understand the personality of guru. First of all it’s impossible, second it is not necessary! Try to follow the instructions!” Yet, today I am sure he would add something more: ”Think what you can learn from a person.” Of course I don’t want to push it over him, this is my opinion; but we should examine properly what we can learn from different personalities, different people. How can we understand another person? We cannot understand even ourselves, right.

So, focus on tattva. I tell you why, to be personal – because I know my limitations and I know my mistakes also. And I know that I will make mistakes in the future as a person. But the tattva will never make mistakes! I know that I am limited and I will make mistakes, but the tattva will never make mistakes. So, by serving and by being connected to the tattva we can tolerate the shortcomings of the person. Another heresy – guru making mistakes, right? Uh! But what happens if the guru makes mistakes? If you live in a dream and all of a sudden you wake up and say: “Hey, hey, wait a minute, what is this?” This is an answer, in case that special person makes any small, little, insignificant mistake, due to being a human being – because he is a human being, any human being can make mistakes. But the tattva that he represents will never make a mistake.

Actually we should focus on both. Through the guru person we should try to approach and serve the guru principle and by the blessings of the guru principle we can serve our guru person. One helps the other to improve.

Dragi: I will compare the spiritual master to a locomotive and I will tell you what is happening at Sofia’s railway station. There is a passenger train and a certain locomotive should start it. And usually it happens like this. There are situations though, when the locomotive is missing. Five minutes remain till the time the train should leave, but still there is no locomotive. Two minutes remain – still no locomotive. I will not explain what happens with the dispatcher in that moment. They find whatever locomotive is available from somewhere. So, somehow, with delay, the train goes with whatever locomotive.

Swami Tirtha: I like your example. “The show must go on”, the trains should depart on any conditions. Your example is quite up to the point. Here in this case we understood who the dispatcher is – that arrangement is made by the Lord or His swarupa-shakti – just imagine, if one locomotive is missing from their mission. There must be some uneasy moments. Yet, they can start the engines on time.

If we apply this principle in our life – on any condition we should continue our service. What happens if I cannot perform properly everything? I shouldn’t do anything? No, this is not a good solution. At least something we should do. If you cannot accomplish 108 rounds per day chanting your japa, then better if you don’t do anything? ‘Because I cannot do complete, then I will do nothing.’ But then it’s a hundred percent loss. At least do something and there is a little gain. We should keep up the spirit. Because every mantra you say, every little service you do is another victory over our false egotism, over our illusion. So, we should do it!

(to be continued)



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