Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

The holy name is like a touchstone. Touchstone has a very special capacity – very base metals it can turn into gold. Once a poor person approached Sanatana Goswami because he has heard that Sanatana Goswami has a piece of this touchstone. And you know, he was struggling hard whole of his life and no results, no fruits, he was so poor. So finally he decided: “I must go to this saint and ask for some help.” He said: “Ah, swamiji, I am devastated. I know that it is not appropriate to go to the saints for material benefits, but you know, I am totally lost and I heard that you have a piece of touchstone.” And Sanatana Goswami said: “Yes, I have it.” Although he was living in very simple, poor conditions, he did not even have a hut, he was under the shade of a tree. But he was chanting his rounds in the morning, during the day and during the night. So, our friend asked: “Can you borrow me, can you give me this touchstone?” Sanatana Goswami said: “Yes, of course, you can have it!” Just imagine such an offer – after a long, long poor life finally you will get the solution to all your problems. “Yes, you can have it, you can find it over there in the garbage.” Our friend was a little surprised: “How is that, the most precious thing is hidden in the garbage?! Maybe Sanatana Goswami is clever enough, because if he would keep it in a nice place, the thieves and robbers could identify, but if he is preserving it there, nobody would search for it in the garbage, so he is clever.” So happily he was running back home and said: “Wow! I have the solution to all my problems!” But he was so poor that he had nothing metallic, so he could not use it. He was trying with some wooden articles, with some earthen pots here and there but no result. Then he started to meditate: “Wait a minute! If this is so precious, why he is keeping it in the garbage? Maybe he has something more? He is a clever man. He must have something else, more precious then this.” So next morning he is running back: “Goswamiji! I have a problem with this touchstone.” What, my dear, you have asked it, I have given it to you. Are you not happy?” “Not! Because you must have something more precious. Isn’t it?” And Sanatan Goswami said: “Yes, of course! I have something much more precious then this insignificant touchstone.” “What is that?” “This is the holy name of our Lord – Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare.” And our friend was astonished. “May I have that precious gift?” And Sanatana Goswami said: “Yes, of course! It is for you.”

All right, now we have heard a nice story, telling the glories of the holy name; compared to that this whole world is insignificant just like a blade of grass. But this is true. Whatever you can achieve on and in this world, it is nothing compared to the achievements of the chanting process. And certain little things we can achieve here. Like people try to achieve success here and there, or some name, fame, glory, money, influence – this is what people think is big achievement in this world. Maybe they achieve some friendship or love – I mean real feelings, but that is very rare. In a false world to find something real on the emotional platform – this is very rare. Anyway, whatever you achieve materially, you will lose it. But if you achieve something spiritually, you will never lose it.

What is the ultimate benefit of the holy name? It is not simply stopping of karma – that means providing you a better life. It is not simply achieving liberation – to lead you out of this maze. But they say it will bring you to the lotus feet ofKrishna. And this is the ultimate achievement of the chanting process.

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