Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

(from lectures of B.K.Tirtha Maharaj, 25.05.2006 and 10.09.2007, Sofia)
The zero dimension is the point, because there is no expansion. The first dimension is the line, the second is the plain, the third is the object, fourth is the time. The time has two faces: limitation on this side and eternity on that side. And on that other side are the next dimensions: the fifth is sat (existence), the sixth is chit (consciousness) and the seventh is anandam (happiness). Then comes the eighth dimension – this is the intensified happiness. And then the ninth is the perfection, the Absolute.
So anandam and intensified anandam – I think this is something that we can grasp. Beyond that we cannot understand. May be it sounds a little theoretical, but think! The space, how it’s arranged – practically we don’t understand, but we are accustomed to that. Time is even more complicated, we understand it much less, but we are also accustomed to time. Eternity we cannot imagine! Existence is just a theoretical word. Consciousness is lacking. Anandam is a dream, happiness is a dream. What to speak of the intensity as a dimension…? But anyway, I fully agree that we should live for intensity.
Devotional service is awakening the dormant divine love in our hearts, which will bring the tenth dimension into our life. What is the tenth dimension? The tenth is ecstasy. But please, control your ecstasies. You have to go to your jobs, so please, don’t tell to your boss: “I’m in the tenth dimension. Sorry, I’m in ecstasy now.” Anyway, until you can say: “I’m in ecstasy”, you are not really in ecstasy. So control your feelings, cultivate them from the inside and be ready for service from the outside. Be practical and mystical at the same time.
Once a devotee asked a mater: “How it happens that my job is successful? How it happens that I sell my goods?” And the master said: “O, there are two explanations: one is practical and the other is mystical.” Immediately everybody was sharpening the ear: “O, now we shall have the mystical explanation of the success!” And he said: “Well, the practical is that you pray. The mystical is that you sell.”  So don’t miss these points. The practical side should be the real mysticism. And the mystical side is that STILL the material world is going on, it still functions.

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