Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

In yoga it is very precisely described how the human consciousness is formed – what levels and regions it goes through. We invite you on a trip – the subjective evolution of consciousness. We are discussing the topic of consciousness – how to elevate our consciousness in a subjective way. And here subjectivity will mean two things. We have to do it ourselves; and we have to achieve a supersubjective goal. This trip starts with selfishness but ends with selflessness.

I will try to show you different planes or formulations of human consciousness. Actually the consciousness is manifestation of the soul, of soul power. When you take your birth the first understanding about existence is very much connected to food. Maybe we have already forgotten this, but immediately when you start to have your sons and daughters, you can understand that they are totally focused on two things – eating and sleeping. Actually this is one level of consciousness – how we perceive life. For life foodstuff is necessary. But we should not stop at this level – this is called “annamaya-kosha”. Kosha is like covering; anna means “food”, maya means “consisting of” – so this cover consists of food. So the soul by the first moment is covered by this illusion. It is sweet for a baby, but if you are grown up and still conditioned only by food – it is not very nice. So maybe we have to raise our level of consciousness.

What is the next step? The next step is pranamaya-kosha – or the covering of existential power, life force. Again, think of a baby. When he or she starts to learn its body – how it works. He wants to use the hands but is punching the nose. Pranamaya-kosha, the life force covering means that we perceive life in the functioning of our senses. Sometimes hitting ourselves, sometimes breaking our heads, but we try. And sometimes we are amazed, just like a small boy looking at himself in the mirror and saying: “Wow! Excellent body! It’s so strange, I am a soul and still I have this reflection?! ”He is amazed, he is surprised to perceive himself through his senses. Although when you take a body the algorithm of life is carved in stone. Because the soul has descended into solid mater, a material body. And this period of progress of human consciousness, like perceive life through your senses, it takes quite long time.

What is the next step? We should not stop here. The next step is when your thoughts start to manifest, when you are able to think. Actually thinking capacity is one main feature of humans. This is happening in the mind, therefore this covering is called manomaya-kosha. Mana is “mind” in Sanskrit. The function of the mind is threefold: thinking willing and feeling. These three functions are happening in our mind – our thinking capacity, our willpower and our feelings. But the mind is quite mischievous. You want to control him and then he will do all the nonsense. If we agree that for three minutes we should not think of red bicycle, then what would happen if you start to meditate on not thinking of it? Immediately you will remember what not to remember. So, to control the mind is very difficult. Actually the mind receives and rejects – this are the two ways of the mind functioning. The previous level of consciousness, sense organs, bring the information. And the mind is the centre which will choose between this information. I like this, I take this; I do not like that, I reject that. This always happens in the mind – we try to get more happiness and we try to avoid suffering. And we use our brain practically only for this reason – to get something and to avoid other things.

But we should not stop at that platform, we should go on – from thought we should come to intelligence. See the vibration of a person, who is meditating. It is very powerful. If you are pure enough, then your meditation will be very powerful. Actually we should use our intelligence to reach our goal. But what is our goal? End of physical body or eternity of the spirit soul? So, intelligence should be applied to the supreme goals. We have to use our intelligence to control the mind, and then to control the senses, and then to control the body. We can see that we start from food but we come to very high type of intelligence – this is a very long path.

And what is the highest goal – this is bliss, the happiness, anandamaya-kosha – the covering of the soul, composed of spiritual happiness. In the meeting of Radha and Krishna, Radha symbolizes the love, the attraction, for example of the soul; and Krishna is God. So Their meeting is the happiness of the soul and God meeting. And the key to that spiritual happiness is the service attitude. So, if we want to achieve divine bliss, spiritual happiness, satisfaction – the way is through service. This is the way to enter the secrets.

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