Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 26.08.2016 morning, Ludasto)

(continues from the previous Friday)

 It is legendary that Shrila Prabhupada was the same person in the supreme luxury hotels in the West and in a very simple straw hut in India. Independent. If something is there, all right; if something is not there, all right. No disturbance at all. And many times he was criticized for receiving good watches, or diamond rings, and this and that. But this was a service from him. He wanted to accept the service of his disciples. He was accepting and practically immediately distributing. He doesn’t need luxury wristwatches; he lives in eternity.

And what I like very much about him this is his funny mood. Usually when he arrived at different airports in America, he was interviewed – in the VIP section, with big garlands. Once a young lady in a mini-skirt made an interview with him. It was a little offensive, but these were the times, the 60s. So, the lady asked the ultimate question: “Why your head is bold?” Such a serious question! Prabhupada said: “I ask you: why your legs are bold?” And in a smiling way he said, “Our philosophy is: cool head and warm legs”. It’s so funny! If a stupid question comes, immediately you give such a smashing answer. He was a very, very unusual person!

Until Shrila Prabhupada was present on this planet Earth they say that his disciples had a very special flame in their eyes. They were carrying Prabhupada with them. In 1977 it was expected that he would visit Hungary. But Krishna had a different plan and took his very dear devotee. Yet definitely by meeting Gurudev we always felt that we have met Shrila Prabhupada also. And later on when we didn’t have the opportunity, or very few of us had the opportunity to meet Shrila Shridhara Maharaja, in the same manner we felt that through Gurudev we met him also. This is the parampara system. A real disciple will always represent his master.

Finally let me quote my favorite story about him. He was always travelling with a secretary. Wherever he arrived devotees received him in a very ecstatic mood. Just check in the movies: they were really fainting of ecstasy. Jumping, dancing, big kirtan, throwing flowers and garlands. Somebody told that when Prabhupada was passing by, if a flower has fallen from his garland, they were jumping after that to catch it. And his personal secretary was always accompanying him. Once in the evening he opened up his heart to his master. He said: “Prabhupada, your devotees love you so much! They always dance and jump and cry. They love you so much!” This he told while he gave a massage to Prabhupada. Prabhupada didn’t answer to this remark. Our friend had gone further, he said: “And I feel no tears, no jumping, nothing. I don’t feel anything towards you”. No answer. Massage finished, Prabhupada walked out, took a shower. Meanwhile our devotee prepared the supper and brought the plate; Prabhupad didn’t say anything. He started to eat and the secretary was waiting by the door. Then finally Prabhupada asked: “Do you like serving me?” And our friend said: “Yes, of course, of course I like to serve you!” “You see, this is love! Jumping and dancing everybody can do. But service?”

Shrila Prabhupada is a grand-grand spiritual father for you. You know sometimes the father is strict, because this is his responsibility to raise the kids. But the grandfather is always very sweet. Therefore with all the petals and all the flowers of pushpanjali just try to offer the best of your heart to such a loving grand-grandfather, so that your spiritual offerings reach him. And also what you need you can tell as a prayer, and also offer this at his lotus feet.


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