Collected words from talks of Swami Tirtha

(from a lecture of Swami Tirtha, 08.05.2017 morning, Rila)

(continues from the previous Friday)

Question of Harilila: While listening to the story of Jada Bharata, I started to think of Kali Yuga in this light. As far as I understood, even Kali serves God and keeps the regulations. As we live in Kali Age what does this mean in the light of this story? The age of Kali means the age of degradation and low consciousness. So, Kali has to digest our mistakes, or what?

Swami Tirtha: Very interesting question, but we have to distinguish. Because Kali, or Bhadra Kali – this is a female goddess. While Kali is a male, he is the dominant figure of this Yuga. That’s different. The symptoms are very similar in the appearance, but little different in the substance. Because Kali, this violent person, was attacking dharma.[1] So, he used his violence against the principles. While mother Kali, Kali Ma – she uses her violence against the demoniac mistakes. So, this is a big difference. One violence goes against the principles, the other violence goes against the mistakes.

Otherwise I agree, we are living in this Kali Age – age of quarrel, and disharmony, and corruption, and limitations, and all the present tendencies that we can see. Life is short, full of suffering, full of laziness concerning spiritual topics – this is what we have. But as the difficulties grow and the chances decrease, the divine grace is growing. Therefore they say that this age is very glorious. And sometimes I have to question this: if this age is so glorious, then what about the other ages?

Therefore in this dark age we need something very bright, а bright light. The best antidote of the darkness of Kali Yuga is divine hue, divine effulgence of a Golden Avatar. Therefore we are very fortunate to enjoy the blessings of Mahaprabhu. And yesterday you asked: “How is it that Mahaprabhu is alone?” Why? What do you think?

Answer: He is never alone.

Swami Tirtha: He is never alone, that’s true. But I think He was ready to give up His official associates, to rush to Sofia and to find His sankirtana devotees. So, when after 2000 years people will come together and study the Sofia Purana, they will have some very esoteric teachings of this special appearance of Mahaprabhu here. What was the reason of Mahaprabhu’s rushing so much that all others are left behind?

And actually this is according to our philosophy. Who is stronger – God or the devotee? The devotee is stronger! And the Supreme is ready to come and join a pure-hearted and dedicated environment. He is searching after bhakti. Therefore we are also searching after bhakti. I am searching after mine. We are all searching for something.

(to be continued)



[1] Shrimad Bhagavatam 1.17

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